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New look – Panthers eye first e...

By Kevin Russell, Sports Editor November 9, 2012 The High Point University men’s basketball team will take to the court in the Mills Center tonight to begin their 2012 season against the Spartans of UNC Greensboro. The Panthers return to regular game action for the first time since their disappointing 25-point loss to the Bulldogs of UNC Ashe [...]

NHL lockout hurts more than fans and ...

NHL lockout hurts more than fans and must end
By Nolan Stout, Staff Writer November 9, 2012 As a Southerner, I had to grow to love hockey, unlike Canadians, who are practically born with a passion for the game. I know the sport isn’t that big in the U.S., a country where football, baseball and basketball reign supreme. But, I love the game. During the season, I don’t tune to anything els [...]

Secondhand News: Difference aside, we...

Secondhand News: Difference aside, we have much to be thankful for
By Jordan Oliver, Opinion Editor November 9, 2012 As the long-awaited 2012 presidential election has come to an end, it’s easy to get wrapped up in the heat of the results.  As Romney supporters cringe in defeat and Obama fans celebrate triumphantly, it is important to be mindful of the one, common ground on which we all stand; and to be than [...]

With Obama’s re-election, some ...

With Obama’s re-election, some look forward to a second term
By Jay Rinaldi, Staff Writer November 9, 2012 With President Barack Obama’s re-election, I am looking forward to his next four years as our president. Unlike many people, my primary reason for voting for Obama was because of the health care reform act he passed in his first term. If Obama had lost re-election, Romney would have done what ever [...]

A post-election reaction – What...

A post-election reaction – What the other side has to say
By Patrick Budd, Staff Writer November 9, 2012 I don’t understand it. No, not the Electoral College. Not the network’s “decision desks” giving us real-time election results. Not the issues that were at stake in this election. I don’t understand why the American people re-elected a president that has failed us in more areas than he has helped [...]

What can students expect from Obama t...

What can students expect from Obama this time
By Anne Davey, Staff Writer November 9, 2012 America has always been the land of tremendous opportunity, especially when it comes to higher education. In recent years however, the cost of college and the burden of debt has been rising quickly, leaving Americans with too much debt and too few opportunities. Now, more than ever, this cannot be [...]

Give us the vote! Broaden voting righ...

Give us the vote! Broaden voting rights
By Mayeesa Mitchell, Staff Writer November 9, 2012 As the election drew to a close, the country was buzzing with political debates, predictions and advertisements. For many college freshmen, this was an exciting time, as they were finally given the opportunity to have their opinion heard through their votes. On High Point’s campus, the debate [...]

Local woman’s career stemmed fr...

By Erica Allaby, Staff Writer November 9, 2012 A heavy-set woman pushes her sweet baby boy in his carriage through what seems to be an outdoor grocery store. Only instead of groceries, strange knick-knacks of all shapes and sizes line the aisles; an extravagant maze filled with items from iron-rusted gates to delicate mermaid figurines. The w [...]

Down to the last button – A pol...

Down to the last button – A politician’s wardrobe secrets revealed
By Brailey Lisath, Staff Writer November 9, 2012 At the third and final 2012 presidential debate, though their political views couldn’t be anymore different, President Barack Obama and Gov. Mitt Romney still had a single shred of uniformity: their appearances. The chosen attire was nearly identical; both candidates wore a plain navy suit, a s [...]

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