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Aftermath – Coping with the imp...

By Chelsie Gastright, Organizations Editor December 5, 2012 Twenty-four hours. That was all it took for the lives of millions to change. On Oct. 29, Superstorm Sandy ravaged the Northeast, slamming the coast with category one-force winds and devastating flooding that, by sunrise the next morning, left cities completely unrecognizable. One mon [...]

HPU organizations prepare for the hol...

By Whitney Yount, Online Editor December 5, 2012 This is the season of giving, and at High Point University, organizations of all kinds are going above and beyond to ensure a happy holiday season for everybody in the community. If you want to be involved in contributing to this effort, there are multiple programs here to work with. Angel Tree [...]

Students struggle to register for cla...

Students struggle to register for classes
By Anne Davey, Staff Writer December 5, 2012 For a college student, there is only one time considered more stressful than both finals and midterms alike; class registration. This dreaded day comes twice a year and if you’re lucky, your time slot comes a bit earlier than the rest. If you’re not one of the lucky ones, and even if you are, the m [...]

Panthers start season off strong

john brown
By Joseph Wetzler, Staff Writer December 5, 2012  The 2012-13 Men’s Basketball team has many new faces. Red-shirt freshman John Brown and graduate student Allan Chaney have led the Panthers through the first month of the season. The Panthers have looked strong out of the gate picking up some quality wins over UNC Greensboro and Appalachian St [...]

Sports Information – A vital, b...

Jon Litchfield
By Kevin Russell, Sports Editor December 5, 2012 Erica Carrubba It was 5 a.m. on Tuesday, Nov. 20 and after more than seven days of compiling statistics, covering games and writing game notes, Erica Carrubba finally had arrived back on the campus of High Point University. During her hectic week, which began as she boarded a bus with the wom [...]

Secondhand News: Take time for yourse...

Secondhand News: Take time for yourself this holiday season
By Jordan Oliver, Opinion Editor December 5, 2012 Tis the season to be jolly—right? Then why is everyone so stressed out? Between final exam crunch-time, shopping for that perfect gift, and preparing for long journeys home, the first few weeks of December are far from delivering all that is calm and right. As much as exam time is sucking up o [...]

Despite Sandy, there’s much to be tha...

By Kevin Russell, Sports Editor December 5, 2012 As college students, we never think that the towns we grew up in will be affected or devastated by a natural disaster. However, for hundreds of us here at High Point University, this became an unfortunate reality this past October. Just one week after many of us spent our long fall breaks at ho [...]

How to make it through finals with yo...

How to make it through finals with your sanity
By Olivia French, Staff Writer December 5, 2012 Finals are coming! Finals are coming! The turkey-induced joy of Thanksgiving break has been replaced with a consuming and relentless fear of papers, tests and all things academic as the semester comes to a close. Before you completely lose your mind, I have a few tips on how to survive finals we [...]

Surviving the winter chill in a way t...

Surviving the winter chill in a way that is fashion forward
By Anne Davey, Staff Writer December 5, 2012 Being fashionable throughout the winter months is undoubtedly a challenge. Unless you’re lucky enough to spend that time in Florida or Southern California, the dreary weather and the bone-chilling temperatures make even the most avid fashionistas want to turn to comfy sweatshirts and warm pants. Wh [...]

James Bond is back- Skyfall succeeds ...

James Bond is back- Skyfall succeeds in the box office
By Savannah Simons, Staff Writer December 5, 2012 The 23rd film of the James Bond series, “Skyfall,” made its long-awaited debut Nov. 9, becoming the most popular Bond movie in history. While moviegoers were hesitant at first to rush out to the theaters to see the “Skyfall” debut due to the negative reviews and commentary of “Quantum of Solac [...]