Sports Management Association offers experience for sports management minors

By Andrew Schleicher, Staff Writer

 December 5, 2012

Usually when you go to a sporting event, the main focus is on the game. But do you ever wonder how the team gets people to come to games or how the venue is set up for the ultimate fan experience? If so, the Sports Management Association is the right club for you. Newly formed this year, SMA is for sports management minors and students who have an interest in sports and what goes on behind the scenes for the game to run smoothly.

Members of SMA are interested in the business aspect of the sport; such as game day operations and marketing. Game day operations consists of making sure the venue is completely set up for the fans to enjoy the game and for the teams to put on a spectacular show.

Have you ever gone to a game and received a free t-shirt, towel or other item?  That is also the responsibility of the marketing department. They come up with ideas to get more fans to come out to the games and cheer for the home team.

Danielle Page, student president of the Sports Management Association, said their goal is to “further professional advancement of its members and provide them with knowledge, experience and connections in the business world of sports.”

SMA wants to provide its members with the advantages to acquire internships and careers in their dream job. They plan on doing so by hosting speakers from various schools and teams that operate in the sports department. The speakers will talk to the SMA members to provide them with advice that will assist in their endeavors.

Like every new club, fundraising is needed to support all the future plans they may have. SMA plans on hosting nights at local restaurants to fundraise for a conference they will hold on campus.

Members of SMA and sports management clubs at other schools would be present at this conference to listen to and talk with speakers about their job, what it entails and advice for students aspiring to be in the same field of work. This is a great way to obtain information and build connections that can further one’s development in their aspiring field of work, as well as put them in a position to obtain internships or even a job.

Page also said she is “planning to hold a tournament on campus spring semester as another fundraising event, and I encourage all the student body to participate.”

As of right now, the sport for the spring tournament is undecided. Also, Page is planning a putt-putt raffle that will be present at some home basketball games, men’s and women’s. Students will pay $1 to try to make a hole in one. Each student that makes a hole in one will receive a raffle ticket. Those students are then eligible to receive prizes that will be valued from $75-$100, such as tickets to a sporting event, merchandise and apparel.

Ultimately, this club is going to provide its members with career preparation opportunities, valuable insight and information that will benefit them in the near and long term future. The organization holds meetings on Mondays at 5:15 p.m. in the Plato S. Wilson School of Commerce Building, room 342.

For more information on SMA, contact Danielle Page by email: