Surviving the winter chill in a way that is fashion forward

By Anne Davey, Staff Writer

December 5, 2012

Being fashionable throughout the winter months is undoubtedly a challenge. Unless you’re lucky enough to spend that time in Florida or Southern California, the dreary weather and the bone-chilling temperatures make even the most avid fashionistas want to turn to comfy sweatshirts and warm pants. While this is fine, there are some more fashionable alternatives that can have you staying just as warm and just as cozy. There are three key things to keep in mind: tights, layers and brights.

Tights are a girl’s best friend; they make wearing dresses and skirts in the winter easy and warm. Tights are not necessarily restricted to the simple, old-fashioned sort, there are dozens of different patterns, shades and materials that can be used to dress up skirts and dresses, or winterize summery pieces like denim cutoffs and light prints. Try a bold pattern to add an extra touch to absolutely anything, or a pair with polka dots to add a vintage feel.

Layers are the easiest way to stay warm and look cute, hands down. By adding a long sweater to jeans and boots, over a t-shirt or a going out top, you add warmth and style to pieces you already own. Adding scarves and sweaters to a t-shirt and skirt combo is just as easy. The more you mix patterns, prints and colors, the more your outfit will stand out. Taking a chance from time to time is an absolute must.

Brights; it is a scientifically proven fact that bright colors, such as yellow and orange, improve your mood on a dark and rainy day, says Leslie Harrington, executive director of The Color Association of the United States, which forecasts color trends. What better time for brights than the cold, bleak days of winter? By picking a sweater that is red, instead of grey, you instantly make your outfit pop against its surroundings and will put yourself in a better mood. Simply adding a fun colored scarf, a bright necklace or an interestingly hued belt will make all the difference in your wardrobe.

For an extra style kick, try the hot colors of the winter, pastels like lilac and pink, mixed with sleet grays, burgundy and burnt oranges. Don’t forget knitwear is the winter essential, so chunky sweaters and big cable knit scarves and hats are your go to.

By keeping these three simple tricks in mind, dressing for the winter will be easy, warm and stylish. After all, the world is your runway, and no one wants a full three-month style vacation.