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The new way to rush – Spring 20...

By Brailey Lisath, Staff Writer January 23, 2013 Nail biting, hair playing, foot tapping. Nervous habits broke out in women all over campus during the first two weeks of January. Why? Girl’s rush kicked off the start of spring semester, causing excitement and anxiety in the group of girls preparing to make the right impression on the right pe [...]

Little people: They are only short in...

Little people: They are only short in stature
By Chelsie Gastright, Organizations Editor January 23, 2013 Brittany Bradfute has big dreams. As a current senior at High Point University, her life is about to change. Brittany will be graduating in May, and although her major is in instrumental music with a concentration on bassoon, her plan is to obtain a masters degree in Library and Info [...]

The importance of summer internships ...

By Savannah Simons, Staff Writer January 23, 2013 As the first few weeks of the semester come to a close, students have added and dropped classes, planned out their daily schedules and gotten acclimated to their new courses. Yet another important deadline is already looming – the deadline for summer internships. Many internship deadline [...]

Brown and Chaney pacing the Panthers ...

By Joseph Wetzler, Staff Writer January 23, 2013 On paper it may seem that John Brown and Allan Chaney are somewhat of an odd couple. Brown is a 20-year old redshirt freshman from Jacksonville, Fl. and Chaney is a 22-year old graduate student from Baltimore, Md. On the court, Brown and Chaney have led the Panthers throughout the first half of [...]

The big question: Football at HPU?

The big question: Football at HPU?
By Nolan Stout, Staff Writer January 23, 2013 Football. In the South, it’s a religion. Saturday is for tailgating and college football. It’s practically a given that anyone attending a Division I college in the South will experience the craze of college football. Nothing says college like football. But, at High Point University, that’s a diff [...]

Secondhand News: Time to give it all ...

Secondhand News: Time to give it all we’ve got
By Jordan Oliver, Opinion Editor January 23, 2013 C’mon fellow seniors! This is it.  When the clock struck midnight on December 31, 2012, the ball in Times Square dropped smack dab into our graduation year. These three and a half months of the spring semester are the last we’ll have at HPU, so we need to end strong, leave our mark, and go out [...]

Study Abroad – Something to add...

Study Abroad – Something to add to your bucket list
By Henry Molski, Sports Editor January 23, 2013 Before every study abroad student at High Point University leaves the country, he or she is asked to fill out a survey. I reacted to the requirement of filling out this survey just as I do with any other: reluctant. The survey was long and boring and, at the time, I really thought it was a waste [...]

Hannah’s Housekeeping

hannah housekeeping
By Olivia French, Staff Writer January 23, 2013 Hannah Carlson is a typical High Point University freshman girl. A bright and bubbly blonde, she plays volleyball, is a part of the Student Government Association, and studies hard. However, there is one thing that separates Carlson from the rest of the Class of 2016: For $5, she will clean your [...]

One professor’s unique approach to da...

Treadmill Desk
By Brittany Muldoon, Staff Writer January 23, 2013 Do you often find yourself making resolutions to try to lead a healthier life? Maybe you planned out an exercise schedule, tried to make better choices about food, or set an athletic goal for yourself. However, chances are you never actually followed through with your plans. You may have had [...]

Three ways to ensure your new year’s ...

Three ways to ensure your new year’s resolutions stick
By Jodi Guglielmi, A&E Editor January 23, 2013 After the glitter washes off, the smoke clears from the sparklers, and the empty champagne bottles are finally cleaned up, it’s official, 2013 is here and underway! The first few weeks of January is a perfect time to reflect on your past year, and hopefully, the flashbacks won’t be too bad. A [...]