Hannah’s Housekeeping

By Olivia French, Staff Writer

January 23, 2013hannah housekeeping

Hannah Carlson is a typical High Point University freshman girl. A bright and bubbly blonde, she plays volleyball, is a part of the Student Government Association, and studies hard. However, there is one thing that separates Carlson from the rest of the Class of 2016: For $5, she will clean your dorm room for you.

“I wanted to do something to help my parents out with the cost of college,” said Carlson. “So, I decided to clean.”

The business, now known on campus as “Hannah’s Housekeeping,” started out when Carlson washed laundry for a few of her friends, free of charge. When one of those friends suggested that she charge money for her services, she got the idea to clean rooms as well. This opened her up for more business for those who didn’t mind doing their laundry but maybe struggled to find the time to vacuum and clean the kitchen. Carlson didn’t mind doing the “dirty work,” so she thought she might as well turn it into profit.

After making flyers and magnets promoting the business, Carlson went around to a few residence halls around campus to gain more customers. Now, she gets clients by word of mouth as well.

“People tell their friends, and I get a lot of my business that way,” Carlson said.

Carlson charges $5 for every room that she cleans, including bedrooms, living rooms (in residences such as York and Blessing) and even bathrooms. She provides her own supplies, and will also do laundry for an extra charge.

Though the initial fee is only $5, Carlson has found that many students will tip her extra. On average, she makes about $100 a week. She finds that it is easy to fit in cleanings in between classes and extracurricular activities. She even has a few standing appointments with clients as well as sporadic cleanings.

It’s not all fun though. “Sometimes, people will call me after they have a party, and there’s food and stuff ground into the carpet,” said Carlson.

Freshmen Ian Stanich and Zach Eldemire enjoy not having to clean their own rooms. “We use her bi-weekly on average. Hannah does an excellent job; it surpasses our expectations on a regular basis. The work truly speaks for itself,” they said. They also added that they enjoy supporting entrepreneurship, and, knowing Hannah from a peer mentor group, found her a trustworthy cleaner.

Hannah’s Housekeeping is continually growing, and Carlson couldn’t be happier. “I like cleaning, and I wanted a way to make money, so it just makes sense,” she said.