The new way to rush – Spring 2013

By Brailey Lisath, Staff Writer

January 23, 2013bidday2

Nail biting, hair playing, foot tapping.

Nervous habits broke out in women all over campus during the first two weeks of January. Why? Girl’s rush kicked off the start of spring semester, causing excitement and anxiety in the group of girls preparing to make the right impression on the right people.

Though the traditions of rush typically remain unaltered, this year, sororities of High Point University broke the mold by extending the rush period from one to two weeks. Terina Cugliari, HPU’s director of Greek life, explained that the change was intended to reduce interference with academics. Both active and potential members would have the time to concentrate on school through out the week and then participate in rush activities during the weekend. Although this change certainly helps with time management, it also increases unsettlement in the ladies anticipating a bid.

Freshman Sierra Middlebrooks described her unease during the week in-between rush events:

“It’s nice to have a break in between to recollect my thoughts and recharge. Still, though, the anticipation is killing me. I’m so excited to find out where I will belong for the next four years.”

bidday3The process of matching potential sisters to a specific sorority is much more complex than most would expect. A specific method called the Release Figure Method incorporates three years of statistics to aid in the selection process. Each year, a specialist in the method is assigned to rush week to oversee and manage the process. This process is a mutual match; the active members rank the rushing women, while the rushing women also rank each chapter. The computer system then matches each woman to a chapter on the basis of common characteristics and ranks.

A grave amount of protocol during rush week is intended to create the best, most suitable matches during the selection process. The Greek life team, as well as active members are dedicated to finding the most compatible personalities to join their family.

biddayActive members are required to refrain from conversation about their chapters, other chapters and rush activities to keep from influencing decisions. To even further create an impartial atmosphere, sorority members at HPU participated in a “social media blackout.” This meant that all women in sororities on campus deactivated every form of social media.

“It was intended to keep girls from promoting their chapters or contacting potential members,” Cugliari said.

In a social media-dependent world, accomplishing this task isn’t an easy one.

“It seems to be working well so far,” Cugliari continued.

Though she was hesitant about the idea at first, she believes it served its purpose well and will continue to be used in the future.

The buzz in the Greek Village won’t die down just yet, however. The closing of rush activities for women only commences the beginning for the men of HPU. Best of luck to all the potential fraternity members anticipating the beginning of their journey, and congratulations to all of the women who received a bid.