Dunking by the Law

By Joseph Wetzler, Staff Writer

February 6, 2013

Corey Law loves dunking.

He loves watching people dunk, dunking in games and trick dunking in practice. It’s no surprise then that Law is in the running to compete in the 2013 College Slam Dunk Contest. A player with his passion and his dunking ability makes a perfect fit for the contest.

Law is a 6-foot-6-inch tall redshirt senior from Chesapeake, Va. He currently has a 41-inch vertical but knows he can get it back to his usual height of 44 inches. Law was in elementary school when he realized he had a special talent.

“Around third grade I was able to jump up and touch the net, and none of my classmates could so I was like ‘wow,’” said Law. “Then in fifth grade I was almost at the rim and in sixth grade I was dunking.”

Yes, you read that correctly. Law was dunking in sixth grade. Very few people can say they have accomplished that. One famous basketball player who did accomplish this feat also happens to be Law’s dunking inspiration – Vince Carter. Eleven years after Carter dunked for his first time as a 12 year-old, he would put on arguably the most memorable displays of dunking in the 2000 NBA Slam Dunk Contest.

“I remember when I was 10 years old and I was watching the [2000] Dunk Contest with Vince Carter in it. I was like ‘Wow, I want to do that one day,’” said Law.

Law now has an opportunity to do that if he is selected for the contest. He will either be selected by the committee or entered into the “Dark Horse Dunker” competition. If he is entered into this then he will need the most votes to advance to the Slam Dunk Contest.

Law, who has given HPU rebounding and energy off the bench this year, wants a shot at competing in this contest. If he is placed in the “Dark Horse Dunker” competition he says he will need everyone at HPU to vote for him. He wants to represent our school on a national stage and believes that if he is entered or voted in this competition he will surely win.

“People should vote for me to put High Point on the map because definitely if I get in there I’m going to win it. I guarantee I’m going to win it,” said Law.