Annie’s ministry of help temp service

By Brittany Muldoon, Staff Writer

February 20, 2013

Most students on campus know Annie Faye-Kearns as one of the sweet ladies who works in the Café and other places to eat on High Point University campus. Many people have probably exchanged a few kind words with her and some have even formed friendships. What people may not know about Annie, is that she has recently started an organization to help people find jobs.

Faye-Kearns started a new nonprofit organization called Annie’s Ministry of Help Temp Service. The main goal of this new establishment is to help people in need find jobs to support themselves and their families. Eventually, once the organization has grown and built a strong reputation within the community, Faye- Kearns would like to expand its services to help people find clothes for interviews and assist them with other necessary resources as well. One day, she would also like to help women who are dealing with domestic violence.

Faye-Kearns fulfilled her dream by starting this organization because she remembers the difficult times in her life when she struggled to find jobs and had to go back and forth between several part-time gigs. Now that she has a steady job and is on her feet, she says she knows that “this is what God wanted me to do.” Her prime motivation is the fact that this is what God has planned for her, and she wants to help others find their plan as well.

She wants to help people as much as she possibly can. She says she wants to be the kind of person that people in the community can trust with their problems and to keep everything confidential. She wants to be able to gather resources and put people in touch with different companies that are hiring workers.

Her biggest goal for the organization as of right now is to form a relationship with the furniture department, she hopes that this will allow many of her clients to work in the industry here in High Point.

In order to get the word out, Faye-Kearns is currently working on setting up a website for her new nonprofit. Her organization also has a Facebook page and a LinkedIn profile. She is currently working on creating and distributing fliers and business cards.

Because of the large Spanish-speaking population, Faye-Kearns also has a business card in Spanish and has hired a translator to work in that demographic in order to reach more people.

Obviously, any organization that is just starting out will face several challenges along the way. According to Faye-Kearns, some of the biggest obstacles she is currently facing are space, time, and money. She is working to gather the resources and materials to aid her future clients, but she needs the funds and the space to officially launch her organization. As of right now, a local church in High Point is allowing her to rent space during the week to work.

Although there is still a lot of work for her to do, she knows that everything will work out for the best. Faye-Kearns said that she knows that soon enough, God will bless her “with the business and the building.”

For more information, check out Annie’s Ministry of Help Temp Service’s Facebook page: