Calvin Harris announced for HPU Spring Concert

By Kaitlyn Aiello, News and Layout/Design Editor

February 20, 2013

After talk, rumors and speculation, High Point University students were finally given the name for the 2013 Spring Concert, on April 13.

Calvin Harris, a DJ, singer, songwriter and record producer from Scotland, was chosen, concluding the long choosing process.

“There’s a lot of different things that go into picking,” says Hillary Kokajko, director of interactive media in the office of communications. “It’s like a domino effect.”

The process begins with different focus groups to figure out what students would like to hear. “Music is so difficult, it is almost like a snowflake, there is not one person that likes the same thing,” Kokajko says.

To start eliminating options, the event date is chosen first. Those who are unavailable on that particular day or on tour get removed from the list first.

“The date, the location on campus, those are the two main things,” Kokajko says. “I try to highlight some people that students would like.”

Although Kokajko knows that it is impossible to please everyone, she says she tries her best to get a majority that either like or have heard of these people. It is hard to find popular artists that are affordable and willing to perform on a stage the size of the Millis Gym, which is smaller than most.

From there an offer draft is drawn up. “I say we’d like to do a meet and greet with 50 people and it is a closed private showing,” Kokajko says. “I try to give it two weeks, I’d love to know the next day but things don’t work like that.”

Once the offer draft is altered and sent back, the contract is approved and specifics start being organized, like which photos they would like to be used. For instance, the poster displayed around campus, had to be approved by Harris’ team before it was released. The only change requested was that his Facebook, Twitter and website be added to the bottom.

“They are a more hands-on group. They have to approve the date that we release it, the video and the poster,” she says. “It is not easy to put it all together and you have to work with a lot of people in the university and then the agent and then they work with the company.”

Upon choosing Calvin Harris, different genres were debated and it was decided that the artist would not be a full rapper but something in the middle. “We try to get different genres just to keep it different so that we are not having a similar group come all the time,” says Kokajko.

After the B.o.B. concert was forced, by weather, to be relocated last semester in Slane, university staff had decided to immediately book the Millis Gym. The type of show that Harris will perform is better suited for an inside environment as there is expected to be a light show, confetti and a LED wall. “I think it is going to be, with the electronic, it is going to be very much like a rave atmosphere with glow sticks,” Kokajko says. “There is one guy on stage but there is going to be a light show, it will be very entertaining, I guess.”

Overall, the feedback from students has been a positive one and a Twitterfall is on display, which gathers all tweets that has mentioned HPUspringconcert as the hash tag.  Although not everybody has heard of Calvin Harris, none have expressed negative comments.


To find out or connect with Calvin Harris visit his accounts at, and