Secondhand News: Our differences make the world go round

By Jordan Oliver, Opinion Editor

February 20, 2013

It’s hard to believe that with so many people on this earth, no two are exactly the same. Each and every individual is, well, exactly that—individual!

It’s kind of neat to think that every time we meet someone new, we are meeting the only kind of that person in the world…bet you never thought of it like this before!

We should have an awe-struck appreciation for the opportunity to meet other people, and especially those who are most different from us.

There is something to be learned from everyone—something positive to be taken away as a gift from that encounter. It is when we open ourselves to the presence of those who are most unlike us, that we often take the most away.

There is no better place to soak in these differences than during our college years. I have found college to be a time when petty judgments and high school stereotyping are considered things of the past.

College is a time to start anew; it is a time to establish who you really want to be.

We are only given four years in such an environment—an environment so accepting of diversity. Being surrounded entirely by people our own age may have something to do with that, for we’re all at the same stage in life.

It is now that we are at liberty to broaden our horizons everyday. Today is the only day we are ever guaranteed, so why live in boring stagnancy?

When you are given the chance to talk to someone new, do not hesitate to take it…you’ll never meet someone like them again.