Student Marketing Team plays important role for future students

By Whitney Yount, Online Editor

February 20, 2013

Marketing_team_1Every day, a dedicated team made up of nine High Point University students and two advisors takes to the Internet to answer the questions and quell the fears and anxieties of the incoming class – the HPU Class of 2017.

This group, made up of current sophomores, juniors and seniors, is the Student Marketing Team. Led by Admissions Marketing Coordinator Claudia Mota and Assistant Marketing Coordinator Mary Kelly, the Marketing Team is an internship program whose members were chosen through an individual interview process. They work together to market HPU to a wide variety of prospective students.

Each member of the team holds a specific position. Currently, there is a director of trending, a photographer, two videographers, two marketing researchers, two social media managers, and one marketing analyst.

“What I really like about the team is that we all work so well together,” said sophomore Kyle Berube, the team’s director of trending. “We do really well at bouncing ideas off of each other and providing advice when it comes to creating content for the incoming class.”

Right now, the team’s primary focus involves working on the HPU Class of 2017 page on Facebook, a task that involves responding to the many questions asked by the next class of incoming freshmen. The marketing team also provides advice for these future students and tries to help with every step of their transition, from being accepted, to choosing housing, to moving into their dorms in August.

In addition to working on the Facebook page, the team is working on the content, design, and formatting of the HPU Viewbook, which goes out to existing and potential students both physically and digitally.

The viewbook contains information about majors, minors, athletics, campus news, and other information that is useful for students and parents. The Student Marketing Team is an integral part of the creation of this book.

“We decide which pictures to use, which faculty members to highlight, and which campus events to feature,” said Berube, “as well as color schemes and layouts for different spreads.  We work on these essential details from the time of the book’s inception to the time of its publication in late spring.”

The two directors of social media also recently revived a twitter account for HPU Admissions. The account, @HPUadmissions, features school news, updates, and pictures.

Other students on the team also work on small, individual products based on their role assigned to them.

“The marketing team has given me a chance to share my love for the school through a medium that I love, video,” said sophomore Kelly Schwab. “I think that this team is really beneficial for the school because we assist the admissions staff in helping prospective students realize their potential at High Point University and commit to coming here.”

The number of admitted students for next year is rising every day, a testament to the team’s success for the admissions department. In the coming months, even more creative and innovative marketing ideas will be developed, and the marketing team hopes to have an even larger impact on the HPU community.