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HPU welcomes Seth Godin

seth godin 2
By Stephanie Schwartz, Advertising Manager March 27, 2013 On Wednesday, March 13, 2013, High Point University welcomed Seth Godin to campus. Godin has written 14 books about the way ideas spread, marketing and change. Founder of dozens of companies, Godin is an amazing example of “entrepreneur meets marketing genius.” Godin gave students, fac [...]

SGA re-elects Steelman as president

By Kaitlyn Aiello, News and Layout/Design Editor March 27, 2013 Upon being selected to serve as SGA’s president for a second term, junior Tyler Steelman has time to reflect on his plans for the upcoming year, in which he hopes will be about “sustaining and improving.” “We have made great strides this year towards a more efficient and effectiv [...]

Preparation begins for new buildings ...

Master Plan
By Chelsie Gastright, Organization Editor March 27, 2013 High Point University is continually growing. In recent years, HPU has seen the addition of the new School of Education building, a new Starbucks at the bottom of the University Center, and the Biomechanics Lab near Oak Hollow Mall. There have also been renovations, including the Café i [...]

Making history- First Latino and Jesu...

Making history- First Latino and Jesuit pope elected
By Savannah Simons, Staff Writer March 27, 2013 Half way through February, news broke out that for the first time in nearly 600 years the pope was resigning. With over 1.2 billion Roman Catholic followers, news shocked people all over the world. The last pope to resign was Pope Gregory XII in 1415 in order to end the “Great Western Schism,” a [...]

Women’s Lax to hold ‘Mason Run’ 5k fu...

Women’s Lax to hold ‘Mason Run’ 5k fundraiser
By Joseph Wetzler, Staff Writer March 27, 2013 On Saturday, April 6 from 9 a.m. until 12 p.m., the HPU women’s lacrosse team will host a 5K-walk/run at Vert Stadium. The ‘Mason Run’ is a fundraiser for the Friends of Jaclyn organization and to celebrate the life of Mason LaVack. The Friends of Jaclyn organization is designed to encourage NCAA [...]

Lomas-led men’s lax gaining momentum ...

Lomas-led men’s lax gaining momentum mid-season
By Joseph Wetzler, Staff Writer March 27, 2013 Dan Lomas didn’t play hockey as a kid growing up in Burlington, Canada. He began playing box lacrosse at the age of three and has not looked back since. Box lacrosse is indoor lacrosse with fewer players on a smaller floor. He didn’t begin playing lacrosse on a field until the age of 10, whereas [...]

HPU passes Law into Dunking Finals

HPU passes Law into Dunking Finals
By Joseph Wetzler, Staff Writer March 27, 2012 April 4, 7 p.m. ESPN. Remember that date, time and channel because that’s when and where Corey Law will be representing High Point University in the Denny’s Slam Dunk Competition. For the third year in a row, HPU will have a basketball player participating for a postseason award. In 2011, Shay Sh [...]

Thanks for your hospitality, I’ve enj...

Thanks for your hospitality, I’ve enjoyed the stay
By Jordan Oliver, Opinion Editor March 27, 2013 6:30 a.m. That’s what time my alarm goes off. After a few thoughtless hits of the snooze button, I roll out of bed and dart for the caff—my only motivation for leaving my warm sheets to begin with. My first class doesn’t start until 11:45, which means this caff place must be pretty darn good. 7: [...]

The disappearing comedian: Rory Scove...

By Jodi Guglielmi, A&E Editor March 27, 2013 With his high-energy and “college friendly” appearance, there wasn’t much not to like about Rory Scovel as he took the University Center Cinema stage at High Point University Friday night, March 22. Because the show was on a Friday night, the cinema was about half full, just enough for Scovel’s [...]

A business of his own: HPU Entreprene...

AJ Rodriguez
By Mayeesa Mitchell, Staff Writer March 27, 2013 “[My favorite part is the] freedom. I don’t like having a boss,” said A.J. Rodriguez of his new business endeavor. “Technically, I do right now just because of the internship, but he’s not really there to tell me what to do and he doesn’t put my schedule together or anything like that. It’s com [...]