Lomas-led men’s lax gaining momentum mid-season

By Joseph Wetzler, Staff Writer

March 27, 2013

Dan Lomas didn’t play hockey as a kid growing up in Burlington, Canada. He began playing box lacrosse at the age of three and has not looked back since.

Box lacrosse is indoor lacrosse with fewer players on a smaller floor. He didn’t begin playing lacrosse on a field until the age of 10, whereas many kids begin playing field lacrosse in the United States at even earlier ages.

Lomas came 18 hours across the border to play lacrosse for HPU and has been nothing short of spectacular. This has been his first extended period of time in the U.S and he does not regret his choice.

“It’s definitely different being 18 hours from home. It’s an adjustment, but it’s been good,” said Lomas.

Lomas has made the transition from high school lacrosse in Canada to the college game in the U.S very smoothly. In his first game ever at HPU, Lomas was aggressive on offense as he netted five goals in a narrow loss to the University of Delaware.

On March 13, InsideLacrosse.com, one of the best sources for college lacrosse information, ranked Lomas as the eighteenth best freshman in the nation. That is a very high honor, but he remains humble and willing to learn. He has had to make adjustments in his game and is trying to do less since he joined the HPU team.

“I was used to being the only one who could play on my high school team,” said Lomas. “Now all the other guys work so well and my job is to just stand there and wait for the ball and put it in the net.”

Through nine games, Lomas has done plenty of that, scoring a staggering 24 goals and two assists. Lomas ranks sixteenth in the NCAA in goals per game, and is one of seven other players in the country to have totaled 24 goals or more.

The chemistry on this team is something Lomas has never experienced before. HPU lacrosse is in its first year as a program, so they only have freshmen and sophomores along with two red-shirt juniors. However, there is no feel of separate groups of classes on this team because of the youth and that has made the team extremely close.

“I feel like everybody from the top to the bottom of the team, we all have chemistry regardless of whether it’s the guys on the field or on the sidelines. Everybody’s kind of feeling the same vibe together,” said Lomas.

The youth of this team has showed throughout the season, but finally getting game experience for a lot of these players is very important going forward. There have been games that they should have won and were very upset about losing, but they’ve learned a lot from them. Lomas believes the team has taken time off during games, but they have recognized that and will make adjustments going forward.

HPU has competed against some very strong competition despite being in the first year as a program. None of the guys on this team had played a college lacrosse game until this year and that says something about the fight in this team. They earned their first program victory against Towson on Feb. 8 and it was something Lomas will never forget.

“It was a pretty crazy feeling seeing everyone in the stands as happy as our team was. It was pretty exciting to get that feeling,” said Lomas.

Not only were Lomas and the rest of the team excited to see the crowd after that first win, but they were also excited to see their “little brothers” after that game.

Every member of the HPU men’s lacrosse team participates in Big Brothers Big Sisters, which is an organization designed to “provide children facing adversity with strong and enduring, professionally supported one-to-one relationships that change their lives for the better, forever.”

Lomas, along with his teammates were excited to share HPU’s first program win with these amazing children, as well as the school.

Lomas is excited for this team and believes this season will be a huge step forward in the future success of HPU lacrosse.