SGA re-elects Steelman as president

By Kaitlyn Aiello, News and Layout/Design Editor

March 27, 2013

Tyler-SteelmanUpon being selected to serve as SGA’s president for a second term, junior Tyler Steelman has time to reflect on his plans for the upcoming year, in which he hopes will be about “sustaining and improving.”

“We have made great strides this year towards a more efficient and effective SGA, and I believe that we are building a foundation for future SGAs to stand on,” Steelman says. “So I want to make sure that we do not loose any ground that we have gained this year.”

He also plans on continuing in the improvement of the organization.

“I believe that it has been a great year for representing student concerns on campus and a fantastic year for our funding efforts, but I believe that we can always strive to do better,” he says. “ This coming year will be even more exciting than anything that SGA has been able to accomplish so far.”

SGA gauges student opinions on matters affecting the university, such as the proposed fall break change that has been under debate recently. They hold meetings throughout the year where students can ask administrators questions about student life, academics, and other topics.

They also charter new organizations on campus.

“This year alone, we have chartered, or are in the process of chartering, ten new organizations,” Steelman says.

SGA also operates a large budget that is used when funding retreats, conferences and philanthropic events for clubs on campus. “This year alone we donated over $10,000 to countless organizations,” he says. “We also expect the organizations we represent to complete 50,000 hours of community service this year.”

But rather than focusing on what to do differently, Steelman has a different outlook. “I believe that what we have accomplished this year should be a model for what is to come, not a comparison for what to change,” he says. “If anything, I hope to continue to solicit the ideas and views of senators in SGA to improve upon what we have been able to accomplish.”

Rather than looking at the negatives as setbacks, Steelman views them as chances for the opportunity to improve. “Failure is essential to learning and success,” he advises.

Ultimately through SGA, Steelman has been able to improve his interpersonal skills, patience, communication skills, and his leadership practices. But most importantly, he says that the experience has taught him the value of service to others.

“I have truly enjoyed every minute of my time as President,” Steelman says. “Every up and down and every agreement and disagreement, I have learned what it means to lead by example, and also what it means to do the most good that I can for others.”