Student Alumni Council seeks to bridge gap between current students and HPU alumni

By Whitney Yount, Online Editor

March 27, 2013

SACThe Student Alumni Council (SAC) has been quickly growing this year as they expand their activities and impact. The goal of the council is to help students get involved with the university and provide ways for them to give back to the school after graduation.

By fostering a connection between current students and alumni, the SAC hopes that students will continue their involvement with High Point University long after their time here is through.

One of the initiatives recently undertaken by the council is a student-alumni dinner program. Through these dinners, the SAC hopes to create an experience in which Panthers of all ages can come together and enjoy one another’s company.

The first dinner took place on Feb. 26 at the home of Bill and Linda Davidson. The Davidsons, who graduated from HPU, then High Point College, in 1962 and 1963 respectively, have been huge supporters of the school since the time they attended.

According to Mr. Davidson, they’ve attended almost every single home basketball game, and have sat in the same seats for the past 30 years.

“Their passion for High Point University is fueled from their amazing experience in the classrooms and with friends around campus when they attended here,” said senior Bradley Taylor, a member of SAC.

The Davidsons currently live next door to fellow HPU alums, and the two couples have been friends since the late 1950s.

Five HPU students attended the first dinner, accompanied by the assistant director of alumni relations, Mindy Mahrer, and head men’s basketball coach Scott Cherry. Mrs. Davidson provided a home-cooked meal for the guests, and they ate while exchanging stories of the university from across generations.

“I am really excited to have gotten this program off the ground, and I really look forward to the future of the dinners,” said junior Emily Saunders, the vice president of alumni connections for the council. “I think it’s really great that we’ve found a fun and engaging way to facilitate fellowship between students and alumni, and we plan on continuing to do so as SAC grows and expands.”

The Davidsons perfectly embody the spirit of HPU Panthers.

“I believe this opportunity is phenomenal for students like us to see the embodiment of the HPU spirit from outstanding alums like Linda and Bill,” said Taylor. “It was a privilege to meet them, to share stories with them, and most of all to connect with such an extraordinary couple.”