The Offbeats join the a cappella family as the first co-ed group at HPU

By Callie Klinkmueller, Staff Photographer

March 27, 2013

IMG_2457With a cappella fever sweeping the nation, High Point is stepping up to the plate by adding it’s first ever co-ed a cappella group, the Offbeats. By brining a new sound to the campus, the Offbeats are ready to take some names along with HPU’s pre-existing a cappella groups, the all-female group, the Petal Points, and the all-male group, the Toccatatones.

The Offbeats are off to a great start with new twists on old favorites like “Blackbird” by the Beatles and “Come Go With Me” by The Del Vikings.

“We are diving right in with nine-part harmony on some songs and we are not holding back with what we are capable of,” said freshman Nick Pierle, Offbeats president.

The Offbeats come from a wide range of majors including business, history, communications, education, psychology, interior design, criminal justice, biology, theatre, and physics, with only three members being music majors.

They are there because they love music and sharing their talent with the school and each other. The best part of the group by far is the enthusiasm they show in rehearsal and their big smiles while performing.

IMG_2450Starting an a cappella group is no easy feat, though they are working hard through the challenges it presents.

“We are excited about the challenge of starting a group and proving ourselves as founding members,” said sophomore Laura Dailey.

Finding times for everyone to rehearse, getting arrangements of songs, teaching music and getting performance-ready are all things that take a lot of time and commitment, but the Offbeats are getting everything done.

Make sure to check out their Facebook page “Hpu Offbeats” so you can stay up to date on their upcoming gigs and all the fun that comes from being an Offbeat.