‘Call Me’ student-written film to premier late this semester

By Melia Sigmon, Staff Photographer

April 10, 2013

call me photoBy mid-April, filming for High Point University’s senior production class will officially end. The class, led by Professor Jim Goodman, is shooting a short film written by senior Bree Hovan.

Hovan originally wrote the script as an assignment for a class. Later, she was contacted about the possibility of turning her script into a 20-22 minute short film. After Hovan and Goodman went through a process involving what Hoven calls “a lot of rewrites, things being added, and things being taken out,” a full script for the senior production class was ready to be produced.

The storyline follows a relationship between characters, Brandon and Anna, that is tested by hard decisions and life lessons. College and financial issues split their childhood friendship up. Anna grows closer to another guy as Brandon wants her back, but this time romantically. Throughout the film, Anna must choose between her best friend, a townie, and the college degree jock. Hovan says the overall “fight” that Brandon has to go through to win Anna over is really “sweet and genuine.”

According to Goodman, the class involves a mixture of preplanning, workshops, 10-hour weekend workdays, and flexibility. The class is also divided by specific roles and different departments to help students grow in their individual special skill set.

By designing the class this way, Goodman hopes to give students an experience that matches that of the professional movie industry. Along with the schedule, students are exposed to the RED Camera system, a dolly system, and jib arms, all which are on real movie sets. This means that they have to pack, haul, and unpack truckloads of gear.

Luckily, Goodman says there haven’t been many challenges in completing this film since it’s a smaller production. He also credits their timely pace to the fact that there was less location scouting requirements for this project.

Greg Berzinski, senior and the Assistant Director of the film, finds the class to be “a rewarding and beneficial experience that helps me apply my skills and knowledge in a professional environment with industry-leading technology.”

Hovan seconded that feeling with the belief that this class allows for a “hands-on experience that I can use in the future.”

The team is aiming for a classroom premier at the end of this semester and a formal release next fall. Once the production is finalized, Goodman also plans to look for several film festivals in which to enter the short film for possible awards.