Secondhand News: Inside a cup of coffee

By Jordan Oliver, Opinion Editor

April 10, 2013

As a senior

Soon to leave,

Time isn’t on my side;

A many thanks

I must give,

To those who’ve helped me by.

Of course there’s family

And there’re friends,

God and my teachers too;

But there is one

Who’s saved me some,

To you my debts are due.

So to my dear friend coffee,

You’ve been more than just some beans;

You’ve given the “last minute”

Time to only tease.

You’ve offered inspiration,

That light bulb-moment cue

For tired eyes

You have revived,

Pushing to pursue.

Us college kids

Would not have lived

Through those book-ridden nights;

Without the steam

Caffeine and cream

A combo made to fight.

So to you, coffee,

I tip my cap,

This diploma’s half for you;

You’ve been a friend,

Through thick and thin

One successful brew.