‘The Host’ review

By Brailey Lisath, Staff Writer

April 10, 2013

“Twilight” fans can rest easy. Though the phenomenon has ended, another epic love story is just beginning. “Twilight Saga” creator and worldwide bestselling author Stephenie Meyer is at it again, bringing millions to the box office for a new novel-to-film adaptation. “The Host” debuted in theaters this past weekend. Though it hasn’t yet accumulated the entire “Twilight” fan base, its romantic originality keeps the audience on their toes.

“The Host” trades sparkling vampires for parasitic aliens and rewrites the definition of a love triangle. Parasitic aliens threaten mankind by taking over the bodies and erasing the memories of the people they inhabit. This story follows young Melanie Stryder, played by Saoirse Ronan, who risks her life for her loved ones by sacrificing herself to become an alien host. A female alien named Wanderer inhabits her body. However, Melanie’s soul does not die. Her lingering thoughts lead Wanderer to the “rebel refuge” to which she belonged—and to the man she’s in love with.

The proximity of Jared, played by upcoming heartthrob Max Irons, brings back Melanie’s feelings and memories in Wanderer. Despite the traces of Melanie raging within her, Wanderer starts to develop feelings for Ian, played by Jake Abel, another member of the rebel refuge. Naturally, while Wanderer is still in control of Melanie’s body, this creates a love conflict.

The community begins to welcome Wanderer, who sees the error of her ways and turns against alien forces. The typical alien versus human depiction always portrays humans as incapable of contesting foreign forces.

“The Host” novel was overshadowed by the frenzy of the “Twilight Saga”, generating less excitement than most would expect from Meyer. “The Host” remained fairly in sync with the novel and generated very little Internet uproar for the final production choices.

So, whether you were a “Twilight” fan or hater, head to the theater to judge for yourself.