Calvin Harris: A sight to see, never a dull moment

By Will Kriedberg, Staff Writer

April 24, 2013

CalvinHarrisWow! What a sight to see, as people stood in long lines outside of High Point University’s Millis Gym, eager to see the long-awaited artist, Calvin Harris.

Harris is mainly known for his well-established beats and collaborations with other artists, such as Rihanna who wrote the words to “We Found Love.”

Once in the gym, the crowd found themselves introduced to opening artist and Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity member, Chris Betz. Betz did a great job boiling the pot of water, so to speak, and got the crowd all warmed up for the main act.

Then, as the external white lights dimmed on the stage, the crowd began to scream in excitement. The one and only Calvin Harris rose from the stage and started the night off with the song “Bounce” from his most recent album released on Oct. 30, 2012, named “18 Months.”

CalvinHarris1During the concert, there was never a dull moment. Just when you thought one song was over, another began. Harris was constantly working the beats all night, from 9 p.m. to midnight. One of the big highlights of the concerts was the light show. The light show was so intense that it felt like you were traveling through time. At other times there was a steam machine that would go off during specific moments of a song, which then stirred up the audience even more. Overall, Harris did a great job interacting with his fans and brought a lot of life to the stage.

When it came to the atmosphere, there were many different things going on. Some people were crowd surfing and others were dressed in funky outfits such as banana costumes. As the crowd continued to jump, there were so many people who were dripping in sweat that it came to a point where some guys didn’t even have shirts on. Other people however, were absolutely covered in shimmering specks from all the glitter guns going off. People began to look like artwork in a museum.

CalvinHarrisCrowdWhen the show came to an end, the music slowly tapered off and Harris began to slowly lower behind the stage. The house lights were turned on signaling the end of the event. Overall, it was a great concert that kept students talking about it days afterward. Students used this time as their last hurrah to escape and be away from schoolwork. But now, exams are almost here, and students look to finish the year off strong.