HPU welcomes its first music fraternity

By Whitney Yount, Online Editor

April 24, 2013

MuPhiEpsilon1This April, a new honors society joined the ranks at High Point University. The Zeta Sigma chapter of Mu Phi Epsilon, an international professional music fraternity, was founded just a few weeks ago and is already thriving.

Mu Phi Epsilon is made up of junior and seniors who are pursuing a major or a minor in music. Every year, the 20 students in the department of music who have earned the highest grade point averages will be invited to join the fraternity.

Senior Bradley Taylor, the current president for Mu Phi Epsilon, said that the process of establishing a chapter of the fraternity on campus began last fall, and it has been a long process.

“I am very honored and proud to see many of my fellow musicians join me in founding the Zeta Sigma chapter,” he said. “My colleagues in the music department, both faculty and students, are dedicated musicians and advocates for music, thus through this organization we will be able to share fellowship together while providing service to the local community through music.”

Junior Callie Klinkmueller is currently serving as vice president for Mu Phi Epsilon, and she will take over as president when Taylor graduates in May.

According to Klinkmueller, the members of Mu Phi Epsilon will soon be implementing advising groups so that seniors can help juniors prepare for their futures in music.

MuPhiEpsilon2Along with a faculty advisor, the older students will assist the younger members with auditioning, applying for grad school, meeting connections in the music world, and making the transition from music student to music professional.

“I am so excited to be leading this amazing group,” Klinkmueller said. “We have such wonderful members and I think this is really going to provide the mentorship and fellowship that will help our music majors and minors develop the tools to succeed in the real world as a musician.”

In addition to preparing for their own futures in the music world, the members of Mu Phi Epsilon will be participating in community service. These community events will include helping children learn music and perform in benefit concerts, among other things.