Rotaract Club stays active in community

By Brittany Muldoon, Staff Writer

April 24, 2013

At High Point University, there are a number of different ways students can get involved in service and volunteer work. Some extracurricular clubs participate in service on the side as a team building activity, while many other organizations exist for the sole purpose of doing service. The Rotaract Club is one of these organizations.

The Rotaract Club of HPU is a subgroup of an organization known as Rotary International, which focuses not only on serving the immediate community, but the global community. All of the efforts of the Rotary chapters around the world are connected. In addition, there are several high school chapters so that these efforts reach all ages.

HPU’s Rotaract Club got its start early in the spring semester of 2008 when Ms. Diana Dau, a graduate of HPU and now staff member, expressed interest in bringing a chapter to HPU. She worked closely with the late Dr. Barbara Mascali, who was able to contact local Rotary Club representatives and help get the ball rolling.

From an email that Dau received from Mascali in 2008, “The local Rotarians are ecstatic because they have been trying for years to get a chapter started at HPU.” This shows how much importance Rotary International places on involvement at the university level.

According to Dau, the HPU Rotaract Club got a strong start with activities like “Trick-or-Treat So Others Can Eat” and attending and presenting at conferences with other Rotaract Clubs in North Carolina.

Today, President Briayna Cuffie says that the Rotaract Club is still very active in the community. Just recently, the club had Rotaract Week and some club members participated in a shoe donation drive at a local Catholic church.

Being a part of the club has been an overall positive experience for Cuffie. She says her most memorable experience as part of the club was “probably the Alzheimer’s Walk in the fall here in High Point. There was only a small group that went, but we got to know each other really well, which is something you don’t usually get to do just at meetings.” The social aspect of the service involved with the Rotaract Club is important to many of the group members as well.

Cuffie and the rest of the members have big plans coming up for the Rotaract Club. In addition to keeping up with many of their annual projects, such as making Halloween baskets for children and donations to Leslie’s House, which is a local women and children’s shelter, HPU will be hosting a District Conference on campus for the first time, which they are very excited about.

Cuffie encourages any interested students to get involved with the Rotaract Club by “liking” them on Facebook, going to the meetings, and signing up to be on the email list in order to stay updated on current and upcoming global service projects.