Summer fashion trend: Monochrome styles are in

By Jodi Guglielmi, A&E Editor

April 24, 2013

Despite the moodiness of the weather here in the wonderful state of North Carolina, there really is no denying anymore that summer is here. A stroll by any of the campus pools this past week would leave no doubt in your mind. With the warm weather and sunny rays, it truly is the best time of year to be on a college campus. More than just the vibrant atmosphere and the fun outdoor activities, its time again for warm weather clothes. Campus has begun to come alive again, and so have the long dormant summer closets.

Just a casual walk around campus will leave you wondering if HPU has an unofficial dress code of sorts, with girls in Lilly Pulitzer, may she rest in peace, and Jack Rodgers. While guys everywhere seem to have dusted off the old Chubbies and pastel shorts. Summer truly is the best time of year to be on campus, not just because of the hopeful, ready-to-go-home spring in everyone’s step that pushes the masses through to finals, but also because campus fashion comes alive again.

Gone for the most part are the jeans and heavy sweaters, traded in for flowing maxi dresses and bright patterned skirts. The new sorority girls bring out the spring letters, and the fraternity boys their tanks. It’s easy though, to get stuck in the ways of throwing on a pretty sundress with some Jacks or wedges and calling it a day, but there are so many fun and different trends this season that you’ll be able to find something that you’re willing to try.

There’s so much going on this season that there’s undoubtedly something for everyone; neon, bright florals, mixed patterns, full skirts and crop tops. The upcoming “Great Gatsby” film release has set of a spark of fringy, metallic, flapper-esque trends. Perhaps for a night on the town or one last trip to 1924 Prime, you might consider giving them a try. If you’re not feeling so bold, then maybe the geometric shape trend will be on point for you. Mix a pair of funky shaped earrings with some big strips or wild checkers for a fun date night look. Along the same lines, this season brings the return of 60’s-esque color blocking and bold stripes. Fun and easy, perhaps a two-tone purse or a color blocked maxi is in your future. If all else seems to risky, then perhaps stick to this year’s big hits, bright colors and bold metallics, be it a pair of heels or a purse, adding a pop of color to any outfit instantly adds a summer vibe while upping your style points.

No matter what your go-to pieces are, don’t forget to take advantage of this beautiful season and mix it up with fun, bright trends! As Coco Chanel once said, “make all the world your runway,” HPU can be yours this season.