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The disappearing comedian: Rory Scove...

By Jodi Guglielmi, A&E Editor March 27, 2013 With his high-energy and “college friendly” appearance, there wasn’t much not to like about Rory Scovel as he took the University Center Cinema stage at High Point University Friday night, March 22. Because the show was on a Friday night, the cinema was about half full, just enough for Scovel’s [...]

A business of his own: HPU Entreprene...

AJ Rodriguez
By Mayeesa Mitchell, Staff Writer March 27, 2013 “[My favorite part is the] freedom. I don’t like having a boss,” said A.J. Rodriguez of his new business endeavor. “Technically, I do right now just because of the internship, but he’s not really there to tell me what to do and he doesn’t put my schedule together or anything like that. It’s com [...]

A can’t-miss spring book

A can’t-miss spring book
By Anne Davey, Staff Writer March 27, 2013 It’s that time of year again, the pools are open all across campus and the sun is shining bright. No longer are you forced to hide in the warm confines of your room or the library to escape the chill and take a homework break. With this distraction from class work, impending projects, finals, and dea [...]

High Point University launches its ow...

the harlem shake
By Jodi Guglielmi, A&E Editor February 20, 2013 High Point University students gathered in the University Center courtyard to join in on the nation-wide phenomenon known as the “Harlem Shake.” On Feb. 2, a YouTube user named The Sunny Coast Skate (TSCS) posted the first video, featuring five teenagers from Queensland, Australia, that laun [...]

The Joke Factory comedy club opens wi...

By Jodi Guglielmi, A&E Editor February 20, 2013 The room was filled with laughter as the comedians took the stage at the grand opening of the Joke Factory located in the High Point Plaza and Conference Center. The club, though small, created a warm and welcoming atmosphere. There were a handful of tables that could fit four to six people [...]

Annie’s ministry of help temp service

Annie’s ministry of help temp service
By Brittany Muldoon, Staff Writer February 20, 2013 Most students on campus know Annie Faye-Kearns as one of the sweet ladies who works in the Café and other places to eat on High Point University campus. Many people have probably exchanged a few kind words with her and some have even formed friendships. What people may not know about Annie, [...]

Sadie Leder, assistant professor of p...

Sadie Leder
By Savannah Simons, Staff Writer February 6, 2013 Sadie Leder, an assistant professor of psychology, is currently working on her third full year of teaching at High Point University. Leder came to HPU in the fall of 2010 after receiving a Ph.D. in social personality psychology from the University of Buffalo in New York. Leder’s expertise focu [...]

Valentine’s Day date ideas that do no...

Valentine’s Day date ideas that do not have to break the bank for you
By Jodi Guglielmi, A&E Editor February 6, 2013 Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, which means the perfect date planning time is limited. While everyone wants to impress his or her significant other, it can be hard to go all out while on a college budget. Between groceries and weekend activities alone, finding the extra cash to splurg [...]

Hannah’s Housekeeping

hannah housekeeping
By Olivia French, Staff Writer January 23, 2013 Hannah Carlson is a typical High Point University freshman girl. A bright and bubbly blonde, she plays volleyball, is a part of the Student Government Association, and studies hard. However, there is one thing that separates Carlson from the rest of the Class of 2016: For $5, she will clean your [...]

One professor’s unique approach to da...

Treadmill Desk
By Brittany Muldoon, Staff Writer January 23, 2013 Do you often find yourself making resolutions to try to lead a healthier life? Maybe you planned out an exercise schedule, tried to make better choices about food, or set an athletic goal for yourself. However, chances are you never actually followed through with your plans. You may have had [...]