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Give us the vote! Broaden voting righ...

Give us the vote! Broaden voting rights
By Mayeesa Mitchell, Staff Writer November 9, 2012 As the election drew to a close, the country was buzzing with political debates, predictions and advertisements. For many college freshmen, this was an exciting time, as they were finally given the opportunity to have their opinion heard through their votes. On High Point’s campus, the debate [...]

Alcohol awareness proves more importa...

Alcohol awareness proves more important than ever
Staff Editorial October 3, 2012 Drinking and alcohol are a part of almost every college campus, but it’s up to each individual student to accept responsibility for their wellbeing and prepare to avoid the dangers alcohol can cause. According to statistics found on, in 2009 approximately 1,825 college students age [...]

Secondhand News: It’s your futu...

Secondhand News: It’s your future, so act like it!
By Jordan Oliver, Opinion Editor October 3, 2012 With the upcoming election fast approaching, we often hear how important it is to become informed on the presidential candidates and issues at hand. As college students, now eligible to vote, we also hear how critical it is to exercise this privilege. Although I’ve always known that I would exe [...]

Student voters go head to head on can...

Student voters go head to head on candidates, Mitt Romney
By Elaine Cornwall and Matt Jakubowski, Staff Writers October 3, 2012 Elaine: As Election Day nears, college students try to determine which candidate will best represent their values and beliefs. For students, this is a monumental election. This is the first election where undergraduates can vote; however, many students do not know who to vo [...]

Secondhand News: A gift to yourself

Secondhand News: A gift to yourself
By Jordan Oliver, Opinion Editor September 19, 2012 As a senior this year, I often think about the future.  I think about how I can’t wait to get a “real job” and make “real money” in this thing I’ll be entering called the “real world.” While I dream about the great possibilities of a future career and the life beyond school that I am all too [...]

Love him or hate him, you don’t know ...

Love him or hate him, you don’t know him and “2016: Obama’s America” won’t help
By Brailey Lisath, Staff Writer September 19, 2012 Audiences viewed “2016: Obama’s America” for the first time in mid-July; however, only now is it appearing in theaters nation-wide, dominating box offices, and raising debates on its credibility. Such a delay could seem irrelevant on the surface, but 15 minutes into the documentary, it is cle [...]

Students and Slane gear up for the el...

Students and Slane gear up for the election
By Kaitlyn Aiello, News and Layout/Design Editor September 19, 2012 As students and faculty alike prepare for the upcoming election, High Point University is making its final arrangements, too. After sending students to both the Democratic and Republican Conventions, voter drives will be open on campus. These two booths will be conveniently l [...]

Does one mistake erase a lifetime of ...

Staff Editorial September 5, 2012 With the announcement of Steve Wozniak as the commencement speaker for High Point University’s class of 2013, it makes one reflect on other speakers that have visited HPU. Each one has left their mark, and there are certain items on display around the campus to help students remember each one. At The Point fo [...]

Secondhand News: Recharging the Mind

Secondhand News: Recharging the Mind
By Jordan Oliver, Opinion Editor September 5, 2012 Starting a new school year means diving headfirst into new responsibilities.  With summer fresh on our heels, it’s no easy task to switch into school mode.  Whether we want to or not, we will quickly find ourselves bombarded by assignments, conditioning practices, important meetings and other [...]

Students should give back to others t...

Students should give back to others through blood drives
By Chelsea Sherwood, Staff Writer September 15, 2012 High Point University will be hosting a blood drive on Sept. 11 in the gym of the Slane Center to help contribute to the High Point community. This event is especially important due to the often over-looked realization that although we all have mutual features in common, blood type is somet [...]