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Preparing for the Spring Concert

Preparing for the Spring Concert
By Kaitlyn Aiello, News and Layout/Design Editor April 10, 2013 When it comes to the spring concert, students are typically concerned about two things: who the artist is and the date of the event. But for Hillary Kokajko, director of interactive media in the HPU office of communications, her job doesn’t end there. From the amount of security [...]

Equestrian team competes at regional ...

Equestrian team competes at regional competition
By Stephanie Schwartz, Advertising Manager April 10, 2013 On Friday, April 5, while most students were enjoying the beautiful sunshine or getting ready for formal, Julianne Kime, Brittany Matters and Rianna Lane made their way to Georgia Southern to compete in zones – a highly ranked equestrian show that only the best riders from each zone qu [...]

HPU welcomes roundtable entrepreneurs...

HPU welcomes roundtable entrepreneurs, governor
By Stephanie Schwartz, Advertising Manager April 10, 2013 On March 20, High Point University welcomed five innovative entrepreneurs to the Hayworth Fine Arts Center to participate in a roundtable discussion moderated by HPU’s very own Dr. Nido Qubein.  Speakers included North Carolina’s newly elected governor Pat McCrory; NASCAR legend and pr [...]

Spring sports wrap-up: Seasons coming...

Spring sports wrap-up: Seasons coming to a close
By Joseph Wetzler, Staff Writer April 10, 2013 Track and Field For the past five years, HPU has hosted a track invitational called the VertKlasse Meeting. This year’s meet was a tremendous success for HPU Track & Field. Sophomore Christian Spaulding set the school record in the javelin, throwing a distance of 66.65 meters (218 feet 8 inch [...]

Secondhand News: Inside a cup of coff...

Secondhand News: Inside a cup of coffee
By Jordan Oliver, Opinion Editor April 10, 2013 As a senior Soon to leave, Time isn’t on my side; A many thanks I must give, To those who’ve helped me by. Of course there’s family And there’re friends, God and my teachers too; But there is one Who’s saved me some, To you my debts are due. So to my dear friend coffee, You’ve been more than jus [...]

How important is the First Amendment?...

How important is the First Amendment? For a free lunch, students will have rights taken away
Staff Editorial April 10, 2013 The first 10 amendments to the United States Constitution are collectively called the Bill of Rights and guarantee specific personal freedoms to American citizens. They were written in 1789 by James Madison and came into effect in 1791. Although the amendments are all important in their own right, the First Amen [...]

Professor Luecke set to retire this S...

By Chelsie Gastright, Organizations Editor April 10, 2013 When John Luecke, associate professor of strategic communication, arrived at High Point University in the fall of 2008, he was given the task of developing a strategic communication degree track at the undergraduate level. For the past five years, Luecke developed the curriculum, taugh [...]

‘Call Me’ student-written film to pre...

call me photo
By Melia Sigmon, Staff Photographer April 10, 2013 By mid-April, filming for High Point University’s senior production class will officially end. The class, led by Professor Jim Goodman, is shooting a short film written by senior Bree Hovan. Hovan originally wrote the script as an assignment for a class. Later, she was contacted about the pos [...]

Gunnar & the Grizzly Boys on thei...

Grizzly boys
By Will Kriedberg, Staff Writer April 10, 2013 There they were, six men known as Gunnar & the Grizzly Boys, set off to complete the ultimate dream. A dream that Mike Novak said “only about one in a million can make work.” Novak was an entertainment lawyer located in Detroit, Michigan, where he had represented famous artists, such as Bob S [...]

‘The Host’ review

‘The Host’ review
By Brailey Lisath, Staff Writer April 10, 2013 “Twilight” fans can rest easy. Though the phenomenon has ended, another epic love story is just beginning. “Twilight Saga” creator and worldwide bestselling author Stephenie Meyer is at it again, bringing millions to the box office for a new novel-to-film adaptation. “The Host” debuted in theater [...]