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Secondhand News: Valentine’s Day R...

Secondhand News: Valentine’s Day –  More well-rounded than you think
By Jordan Oliver, Opinion Editor February 6, 2013 A common notion for those flying solo on Valentine’s Day may be that the holiday serves only as a stark reminder to single people that they are alone—that there is no one out there who will be addressing their name on a box of chocolates. Well it’s time to wake up, smell the roses, and open yo [...]

Sadie Leder, assistant professor of p...

Sadie Leder
By Savannah Simons, Staff Writer February 6, 2013 Sadie Leder, an assistant professor of psychology, is currently working on her third full year of teaching at High Point University. Leder came to HPU in the fall of 2010 after receiving a Ph.D. in social personality psychology from the University of Buffalo in New York. Leder’s expertise focu [...]

Valentine’s Day date ideas that do no...

Valentine’s Day date ideas that do not have to break the bank for you
By Jodi Guglielmi, A&E Editor February 6, 2013 Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, which means the perfect date planning time is limited. While everyone wants to impress his or her significant other, it can be hard to go all out while on a college budget. Between groceries and weekend activities alone, finding the extra cash to splurg [...]