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High Point University launches its ow...

the harlem shake
By Jodi Guglielmi, A&E Editor February 20, 2013 High Point University students gathered in the University Center courtyard to join in on the nation-wide phenomenon known as the “Harlem Shake.” On Feb. 2, a YouTube user named The Sunny Coast Skate (TSCS) posted the first video, featuring five teenagers from Queensland, Australia, that laun [...]

Student Marketing Team plays importan...

By Whitney Yount, Online Editor February 20, 2013 Every day, a dedicated team made up of nine High Point University students and two advisors takes to the Internet to answer the questions and quell the fears and anxieties of the incoming class – the HPU Class of 2017. This group, made up of current sophomores, juniors and seniors, is th [...]

HPU TV brings back broadcast news thr...

By Chelsie Gastright, Organizations Editor February 20, 2013 Lights, camera, action. At the beginning of February, a group of dedicated High Point University students revived HPU TV, a student led, student run news program on campus. What once was primarily hard news, is now what sophomore Kyle Berube calls news in a “sketch comedy” kind of f [...]

Service learning courses offer new vo...

By Kaitlyn Aiello, News and Layout/Design Editor February 6, 2013 With the start of the semester comes the offering of eight different service-learning courses for students at High Point University. Rather than learning in the typical lecture-style course, students have the opportunity to volunteer in and around the community in areas pertain [...]

Dunking by the Law

Dunking by the Law
By Joseph Wetzler, Staff Writer February 6, 2013 Corey Law loves dunking. He loves watching people dunk, dunking in games and trick dunking in practice. It’s no surprise then that Law is in the running to compete in the 2013 College Slam Dunk Contest. A player with his passion and his dunking ability makes a perfect fit for the contest. Law i [...]

HPU Rowing Team looks to continue gro...

HPU Rowing Team looks to continue growth, success
By Whitney Yount, Online Editor February 6, 2013 In 2012, current sophomores Katelyn Schultz and Sophia Andreatos spent about two months creating a proposal to present to HPU President Nido Qubein. The proposal was for the creation of a club rowing team on campus. Since the day the girls first presented their proposal, the team has grown from [...]

New Housing Policy – What’s you...

New Housing Policy – What’s your opinion? For
By Jessica Strickler, Staff Writer  February 6, 2013 I realize that as a rising senior, I should be opposed to most of the housing changes that High Point University is electing to make for fall 2013 because they “aren’t in my favor.” But I’m not. I believe HPU has made the best decision they could in regards to housing because it will sustai [...]

New Housing Policy – What’s you...

New Housing Policy – What’s your opinion? Against
By Tatiana Kresefsky, Staff Writer February 6, 2013 High Point University has some amazing features to it. When we, the students, first came on tour, we were probably awe-struck by the beauty of the campus—with one of the best parts being housing. Here at HPU, there is no such thing as bad housing. All of the dorms are kept immaculate and if [...]

CAT calendar: 2013 spring semester pr...

polar plunge 2
By Brittany Muldoon, Staff Writer February 6, 2013 Are you excited for the spring semester? Well, so are the members of the Campus Activities Team. Spring semester is bound to be full of fun: new classes, fresh faces, and, of course, the abundance of events that CAT has put together for students to enjoy throughout the semester. Whether you’ [...]

HPU Civitan Club giving back, serving...

HPU Civitan Club giving back, serving community in big way
By Chelsie Gastright, Organization Editor February 6, 2013 There is nothing more genuine than the act of charitable service. The act of helping another who needs it most is a feeling that is humbling and gratifying, and at High Point University, there are student organizations that make their primary goal serving and assisting others through [...]