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Study Abroad – Something to add...

Study Abroad – Something to add to your bucket list
By Henry Molski, Sports Editor January 23, 2013 Before every study abroad student at High Point University leaves the country, he or she is asked to fill out a survey. I reacted to the requirement of filling out this survey just as I do with any other: reluctant. The survey was long and boring and, at the time, I really thought it was a waste [...]

May terms added to study abroad

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By Jodi Guglielmi, A&E Editor October 3, 2012 As many as 17 May terms will be offered to High Point University students starting in 2013. This is a large jump from the mere six courses that were offered in 2012. Heidi Fischer, the director of study abroad at HPU said, “We hope that by adding more options and making it more appealing for s [...]