Commencement 2015

Graduate Assembly Instructions

Graduates participating in the Baccalaureate and Commencement Ceremonies will need to arrive early to each event wearing their cap, gown and tassel in order to be placed in the line of march.

Baccalaureate: Assemble in cap and gown no later than 3:15 pm at Wesley Memorial United Methodist Church on May 8. Graduates do not need to be in alphabetical order for the Baccalaureate Ceremony.

Commencement: Assemble in cap and gown no later than 8:15 am according to the following zone breakdown and on posters displayed on the Kester International Promenade on May 9.

ZONE BREAKDOWN (the breakdown is by alphabetical order in a degree category. The alphabet range on some of the degree signs indicates the first letter of the degree candidate’s last name.)

Zone 1 – All Masters Candidates

Zone 2 – BA (surname beginning with A & B)
Zone 3 – BA (surname beginning with C)
Zone 4 – BA (surname beginning with D & E)
Zone 5 – BA (surname beginning with F & G)
Zone 6 – BA (surname beginning with H & I)
Zone 7 – BA (surname beginning with J, K, & L)
Zone 8 – BA (surname beginning with M)
Zone 9 – BA (surname beginning with N, O, & P)
Zone 10 – BA (surname beginning with R & S through Sh)
Zone 11 – BA (surname beginning with Si – T)
Zone 12 – BA (surname beginning with U – Y)

Zone 13 – BS (surname beginning with A & B)
Zone 14 – BS (surname beginning with C, D, & E)
Zone 15 – BS (surname beginning with F, G, & H)
Zone 16 – BS (surname beginning with J, K, L, M, N, & O)
Zone 17 – BS (surname beginning with P, R, S, T, U, V, W, & Y)

Zone 18 – BSBA (surname beginning with A & B)
Zone 19 – BSBA (surname beginning with C, D, & E)
Zone 20 – BSBA (surname beginning with F, G, & H)
Zone 21 – BSBA (surname beginning with I, J, K, L, & M)
Zone 22 – BSBA (surname beginning with N, O, P, Q, & R)
Zone 23 – BSBA (surname beginning with S & T)
Zone 24 – BSBA (surname beginning with V, W, Y, & Z)



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