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Event Management

(4) EMG 1200 Introduction to Event Management

This course will offer an introduction to the principles of event management.  A conceptual framework will be developed through definitions, models, and the utilization of case studies.  The student will learn how to formulate event management strategies across diverse contexts.  The planning, development, management, and implementation of events will be the focus of study.  Special topics will include event studies, bid preparation, logistics, public and corporate sponsorship, marketing, negotiations, and staff/volunteer management.  Opportunities for participation in on- and off-campus events will be an element of the course.  Prerequisite:  None.

(4) EMG 2300 Events Operations

This course will cover the operational aspects of event management.  Topics will include concept development, legal issues, proposals and agreements, contracts, site evaluation, budgeting, generating revenue, security, and coordination between multiple stakeholders and service providers.  Special attention will be paid to risk management and techniques for ensuring the success of the event.  Project-based learning exercises are supplemented by case studies and guest speakers.  Students will create a comprehensive operations manual for a multifaceted event.  Prerequisite:  EMG 1200 or permission of the instructor.  Restricted to EMG minors only.

(4) EMG/COM 3400 The Rhetoric of Festivals and Events

Rhetorical analysis is useful in determining the role of spectacle, and significance of celebration and leadership, especially in examining how community building arises through communication. Employing rhetorical strategies, students will analyze various types of festivals and events and relate their significance to broader societal applications. Students will also be introduced to and employ ethnographic research techniques.  Prerequisite: Junior standing.

(2) COM/EMG 2285 Practicum in Corporate Event Planning

This course introduces students to the use of events as a communication tactic through which for-profit and nonprofit organizations can develop and maintain relationships with key stakeholder groups. Students will have the opportunity to either plan and execute an event for an organization or play a significant role at an event. Pass/Fail

(4) Select one course from the following. (Cannot be used for your major or minor without permission from dean.)

ACC 2010 Financial Accounting (or substitute for business majors)

COM 2235 Public Relations Techniques (not for COM Strategic Communication majors)

HRE 1550 Human Relations and Interpersonal Dynamics (not for HRE majors)

HRE 3550 Project Development and Management (not for HRE majors)

NPL 3250 Fundraising and Program Evaluation (not for NPL majors)

EMG 4811 Internship in Event Management (new internship)

Students must meet the university and School of Communication criteria to perform an internship for academic credit in the field of Event Management. Prerequisite:  EMG 2300.

Total: 18 credits


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