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Values & Competencies

The School of Communication VALUES:

  • Expression – Appreciating the principles and constraints on the exercise of free expression in a democratic society
  • Integrity – Maintaining a commitment to honesty, accountability, and professional ethics
  • Excellence – Performing high-quality work in a capable, efficient, and appropriate manner
  • Accuracy – Communicating fairly, without distortions or conflicts of interest, and in recognition of subjectivities
  • Diversity – Encouraging creative and independent ways of thinking and mindfulness about cultural differences and multiple perspectives
  • Curiosity – Acquiring new skills and knowledge and continuously pursuing education and innovation
  • Awareness – Understanding the history, role, context and reality of the process of communication

The School of Communication emphasizes the following COMPETENCIES:

  • Analytical thinking – Extracting from various areas the knowledge required to formulate realistic responses to complex problems
  • Communication skills – Developing the ability to present, listen to, and exchange written, oral, aural, and visual information in forms appropriate for the audience, purpose, and context
  • Interpretation of converging information – Linking data, knowledge, and insight for strategic decision-making and presentation of information through media
  • Technological development – Using technology in ways that add value to the communication professions
  • Integration of theory and practice – Understanding how communication theory informs both research and best practices


The High Point Admissions Office is Located in Wrenn Hall.

Tours are available 7 days a week. Please contact us to schedule your visit.

(800) 345-6993
(336) 841-9216
(336) 888-6382 (fax)

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