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Computer Science

B.S. with Cybersecurity Concentration

The Department of Computer Science offers the B.S. degree in Computer Science with a Cybersecurity Concentration. To graduate from High Point University with the B.S. degree, students must complete the following:

B.S. in Computer Science
Major Requirements 68 credits
University Core Requirements 50 credits
Electives 10 credits


128 credits

Requirements for a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science with a Cybersecurity Concentration (68 credits)

Take the following courses (36 credits):

  • CSC 1710. Introduction to Programming (4)
  • CSC 1720. Advanced Programming with Data Structures (4)
  • CSC 2212. Database Systems (4)
  • CSC 2342. Discrete Structures (4)
  • CSC 2410. Computer Systems (4)
  • CSC 2710. Advanced Data Structures with Algorithm Development (4)
  • CSC 4510. Programming Language Design and Translation (4)
  • MTH 1410. Calculus I or MTH 1415 Mathematics for Engineers I (4)
  • Capstone Course CSC 4710. Software Engineering (4)

Select two courses from the following based on your interest in computer science (8 credits)
MTH-1420, MTH-1425, MTH-2050, MTH-2310, MTH-2410, MTH-3150, MTH-3810, MTH/CSC-3910, STS-2910, STS-3005

Select any two of the following Science courses (8 credits):
BIO-1500/1501, BIO-2001/2001L, CHM-1010/1011, CHM 1020/1021, PHY 2010/2010L, PHY-2020/2020L, PHY-2200

Take the following CSC electives (16 credits):

  • CSC 3810. Introduction to Information Security (4)
  • CSC 3940. System Security (4)
  • CSC 4210. Operating Systems (4)

And one more elective selected from:

  • CSC 3212. Web Technologies (4)
  • CSC 3312. Mobile App Development (4)
  • CSC 3250. Artificial Intelligence (4)
  • CSC 3460. Networking and Network Programming (4)

In addition to the courses required for the major, students wishing to graduate with departmental honors need to also complete CSC 4910 Undergraduate Research I and CSC 4920 Undergraduate Research II.

The requirements on this page are applicable for students first enrolling in the 2019-2020 Academic Year. Older students should see their applicable Undergraduate Bulletin for details.


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