Campus Concierge

HPU Campus Advertising Guidelines

HPU Campus Advertising Guidelines

Concierge Update Emails 

– Please request only one slide per department/organization 
– Run frequency is determined by Concierge Staff (ex: long run times may be broken up to keep emails fresh) 


– There is no limit to the amount of days a slide can be advertised or how far in advance.
– Any event or activity on campus may be placed on the kiosks for campus advertisement– ALL slides must be approved by Campus Concierge.

Social Media

– Any event or activity on campus approved by Campus Concierge may be advertised through HPU Campus Concierge social media pages.
– Images submitted for social media will automatically be advertised the day before OR the day of the specific event.
– Specific information or links can be included in captions if requested in email. 

ALL Slides for update emails, kiosks or social media must follow the criteria below:

1. ALL submitted slides need to be formatted as a jpeg or .png

2. Mandatory size is 1365 x 1024 pixels (horizontal) or square. *please, NO FLYERS*

3. Must contain the following minimum information:

A. What is the event?

B. When is the event (date and time)?

C. Where is the event being held?

      *Be specific, ie: NOT “hpu” or “on campus”

      *Use proper name of campus buildings, not nicknames or abbreviations (ex: R.G. Wanek Center – NOT WC or Wanek).

      **Event location MUST be confirmed in 25Live before advertisement can run**

D. Who is hosting the event? Is there a contact person for the event?

E. If the event is for a philanthropy, this information MUST be included.

F. If you are accepting payments, you may ONLY advertise payments via HPU Passports (ie: no slide can include “Accepting cash, checks, credit, or debit”).

G. Must be an eligible campus group (departments, SGA groups, etc.).

2. Include any hyperlinks in body of email to Concierge.

3. Edit slides before submitting (ex: correct spelling/grammar, size requirement met

          A. Legible – do not include too much text or coloring that makes info hard to read (think — how will this read from kiosk screen).

4. Slides should be submitted for approval NO later than 48 hours before the first advertising goes out

5. All final slides are to be emailed to Campus Concierge ( for approval.

6. ALL emails to concierge need to have “Concierge Advertisement- name of event as the subject line.

**If slides do not meet all specified criteria, they will be sent back for revisions. Revised slides MUST be received by 9:00 am to be included that day.**

Questions? Contact Connor Harris at 336-841-9512 or

*UPDATED 12/18/2019