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A new Anxiety Toolbox workshop series starts every three weeks. Registration is required.

Stop by Counseling Services to talk with a counselor about signing up!


Anxiety Toolbox Frequently Asked Questions

What is Anxiety Toolbox?

Anxiety Toolbox is a fast-paced, three-session seminar specifically designed to help people who struggle with a variety of anxiety-related concerns (e.g., Generalized Anxiety, panic attacks, test anxiety, etc).  The goal of this seminar is to provide education on anxiety and to teach coping skills for managing anxiety symptoms.


Why does Anxiety Toolbox use a three-session model?

Teaching Anxiety Toolbox over the course of three sessions allows you sufficient time to learn the concepts with time to practice between sessions.  Keeping it to three one-hour sessions allows you to find time in your busy schedule to learn these skills.


What if I don’t feel comfortable in groups?

Many people feel a little anxious about participating in a group.  Anxiety Toolbox is structured and curriculum-driven, like an academic class.   You are not required to speak to the entire group if you do not feel comfortable doing so.  The facilitators respect each participant’s right to share only what they are comfortable sharing and never require you to share sensitive or potentially embarrassing information about yourself.


Why do I have to do homework?

The focus of this workshop is on building skills to cope with anxiety; in order to achieve that goal, regular practice is essential.  The more you practice, the more you may find you get out of this workshop.   The assignments are for you and only you, in the service of your own personal growth.  You will not be required to provide your responses at any time during this workshop; however, it’s important to bring your responses as you may be asked to look back on or elaborate on a prior assignment during the workshop.


Additional questions about Anxiety Toolbox can be directed to Carley Niland at


Counseling Services offers a variety of workshops and groups throughout the year.  New workshops are currently being planned, so check back soon to see what we have in store! In the meantime, here are some past workshops that we have offered:

Horticultural  Workshop


You may already know that being in nature can have awesome effects on our bodies as we breathe cleaner air and activate our absorption of Vitamin D from the sun.  But, did you know that there are also many mental health benefits from nature, as well?

Here are some ways that being in nature helps us:

*Reduction in stress, anxiety and depression

*Restorative effects from mental illness

*Increase in focus and attention

*Increase in relaxation

*Improved mood

*Increased resilience

*Increased self-esteem

*Increased connections and social interactions

Contact our Clinical Counselor, Amber Kelley, to learn more about the mental health benefits of nature!  She has offered different activities each session and all supplies were provided. Some past activities included:

Planting/Forcing Paperwhite Bulbs

Making Potpourri

Planting/Forcing Paperwhite Bulbs

Making a Terrarium

Planting for Diversity

Check out these absolutely GORGEOUS terrariums that we made together!  Getting “down to earth” together, getting to know each other better and making some new friends!  Thank you to everyone who participated – We hope to see you again soon!


Everyday Wellness: Enhancing Self-Care & Well-being

Image result for wellness images 

  • Learn to cultivate gratitude
  • Reduce stress & learn relaxation techniques
  • Discover how to become mindfully aware of the foods you eat to nourish your body.
  • Topics included in past workshops:

Gratitude Journaling

Relaxation Techniques

Mindful Eating

 Stress Management

When we feel good, we make better choices, and better choices lead to improved life satisfaction. Start with these small changes and make Everyday Wellness a part of your daily routine!


Mindfulness Workshop

Image result for mindfulness images

This holistic workshop was designed to teach specific techniques to reduce anxiety and promote health and wellness.

Bring your stress with you and leave it behind when you go!


Foundations for Healthy Relationships

Image result for healthy relationship images

This four-week workshop provided fundamental skills that could change ALL of your relationships for the better!

We addressed how to have healthy relationships with friends, family, significant others, professors, co-workers and anyone you encounter.



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