Digital Pedagogy
Digital Pedagogy

Digital Pedagogy

This website is the home of the Digital Pedagogy Initiative, which supports and incentivizes pedagogical innovation in the realm of digital technologies. We aim to support any HPU faculty member who wants to learn how to integrate digital tools into a course or wants to share what they’ve done with others. Whether you want to try out a social bookmarking tool or teach an advanced video project, we want to connect you with like-minded HPU faculty who can help you reach your goals.

Upcoming Events

The DEADLINE for submitting an assignment to receive a grant from the DPI is coming up on May 10! If you are considering creating an assignment and still need a workshop or a one-on-one session to develop your assignment, please contact me! Still need ideas? Check out the resources from our Flipped Classroom Panel or the Digital Learning Exhibition, check out the Faculty Projects page, or attend one of the events below.

Online Teaching Conversation
Whether you’ve taught online before, will be teaching online for the first time, or are just interested in how instruction works in the online environment, you are invited to an informal conversation session on online teaching. Each session will be led by a faculty member (or two) who has taught online. These sessions are scheduled for an hour but can last as long as the conversation does!
Monday, April 28 from 10-11am
Wednesday, April 30 from 10-11am
Location TBD
Please contact Kathy Shields if you are interested in attending one of these sessions.

Utilizing Class Time in the Flipped Classroom
Okay, so you’ve flipped your class and you’ve moved your lecture outside of the classroom. Now what do you do with your students during class time? If you are asking this question, or you have answers to this question, we want you! This came up as a common thread in our flipped classroom panel, and we would like to put together a formal or informal discussion group on this topic. Please contact Kathy Shields or Holly Middleton if you are interested.

Are you working on an assignment and need some help learning how to utilize a particular tool, platform, or technology? Let us know! We’re looking for more faculty who are interested in either teaching or participating in hands-on workshops. For DPI purposes, “workshops” are two-hour intensive experiences designed for faculty members who have an assignment-in-progress (or want to revise one) and just need some help in developing it to fruition. Workshops are capped and require an RSVP. You can read about the workshops and the grant process here. Please email to request a workshop.

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Visit the links section to view resources on using technology to help achieve student learning goals.


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