Digital Pedagogy


HPU has a faculty committed to innovative teaching, and this initiative grew out of faculty conversations about taking that innovation further.  Some wanted a way to take their ideas about the learning potential of digital technologies and test them with students, an objective that could be easily reached with the right support. In most universities that support would be offered through a Teaching and Learning Center, which, while part of HPU’s long-term plan, is not yet established. The DPI was therefore designed to seed that project by harnessing the talent already here and helping HPU faculty help each other.

Participate in DPI events:

Meet your colleagues.  If you want to talk to others about teaching, visit the faculty lounge and look for the wooden chalice, our bat signal for discussion. If you put it on your table, you are inviting others to join you.  And if it’s already taken, you know who to join.

Attend or lead a teaching demo.  At these short informal events, one or more faculty members will show attendees how they are using technology to enhance student engagement, learning, and literacy. Check to see which of our teaching demos fit your schedule and put them on your calendar. Everyone at HPU does something valuable they can share with others, so consider volunteering to lead one yourself, too. They require little to no prep.

Participate in a workshop or working group. If you have an idea for integrating a technology and need some support developing it, we will try to match you with others who share your interests or have the expertise to teach you. We will have forms functionality in the next week, when you will be able to fill out a faculty profile and we can start the process. Faculty members who participate in a workshop, create or revise an assignment, and share the new materials with others will receive a Think BIG grant of $250.

The people who form workshops or working groups will set their own cap, but there is no restriction against attending a workshop out of interest.

For more on the workshops, see our Grants page.

This initiative is a component of the 2013-2014 Think BIG Active Learning and Engaged Pedagogy Initiative. If you have ideas on what else we could do to coordinate these efforts, please let us know!


Kathy Shields

Kathy Shields is Head of Reference and Instructional Services for the HPU Libraries and Workshop Coordinator for the Digital Pedagogy Initiative. Contact Kathy at


Holly Middleton

Holly Middleton is Director of Composition and Project Coordinator of the Digital Pedagogy Initiative. Contact Holly at

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Visit the links section to view resources on using technology to help achieve student learning goals.