Digital Pedagogy

Faculty Projects

Matt Brophy

Matt Brophy, Philosophy

Course: FYS 1000 – “Science Fiction and Philosophy”
Tool: Second Life

What students are learning:

In his fall 2013 FYS “Science Fiction and Philosophy,” Matt Brophy’s students will be using Second Life to learn philosophical concepts. “I anticipate that this will help my FYS students to understand ideas of created identity, simulated realities, and subjective (and intersubjective) meaning. Hopefully by involving them directly in this, they can be their own teachers (given this technology) in understanding the weight of certain philosophical concepts.”

Charmaine Cadeau

Charmaine Cadeau, English

Course: ENG 2230 SL
Tool: iBooks Author

What students are learning:
In spring 2013, Charmaine Cadeau’s ENG 2230 SL students used iBooks Author to create a digital book for the class’s oral history project. “Some sections of the book were collaborative, others were authored by individual students. They embedded their photos, videos, and text into the book.” Media and Digital Services librarian Sam Leonard helped Charmaine and her students get started.

Terrell Hayes

Terrell Hayes, Sociology

Course: SOC
Tools: Power Point, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, iMovie, Final Cut Pro, digital cameras

What students are learning:
Students in Terrell Hayes’s visual sociology course last year created a photo/video documentary as a way to conduct an in-depth study of an issue, place, or concept related to social life. According to Terrell, “visual media can be used to communicate sociological understandings to professional and public audiences; how innovative 21st century technologies are transforming contemporary social life and the consequences associated with these changes.” From a survey conducted at the beginning of the course, Terrell found that students already possessed advanced knowledge of photo, video, and audio editing tools, so they were allowed to choose which tools to use for the project. The final product consisted of either an audio slide show with pre-recorded narrative or a video of between 5 to 10 minutes in length.

Katy Brandt

Katy Brandt, Interior Design

Course: INT 3400
Tools: Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign

What students are learning:
In INT 3400, students will be using Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign
as well as Online websites to create powerful portfolios to aid them in
their search of a job, as well as to assist them in visual
communication of their skills, strengths, and abilities.

Donna Scheidt

Donna Scheidt, English

Course: ENG 1102
Tool: Diigo

What students are learning:
Donna Scheidt’s ENG 1102 students used Diigo to improve their reading and research practices. Her students used it to annotate, discuss, and archive online content, and she plans to experiment with similar tools this year: “Currently, I am investigating additional curating and social bookmarking tools, especially for their role in the early stages of students’ research processes. I’ve set up a topic site, and hope to work with my upper division students this fall using this resource for preliminary internet research.”

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