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The Digital Learning Exhibition was held on Wednesday, April 2, from 1:00-2:00. The exhibition showcased how HPU students and faculty are using digital technologies to advance learning and presented a broad range of projects and tools. The DPI aims to share and make visible the great teaching already being done here at HPU, to connect faculty members with shared interests, and support pedagogical innovation wherever we can. This event was designed to support those aims.


Jenn Brandt
Jenn Brandt, Women’s and Gender Studies
Tools used: Google Earth and Padlet
Jenn presented on projects for two different classes utilizing two different tools. First, her ENG/GBS/WGS 3298 course, Women Writing Worldwide, used Google Earth to collectively “map” contemporary issues affecting women worldwide. In WGS 1000, she used Padlet to brainstorm, generate class discussion, and encourage student participation.
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Brophy, Matthew
Matt Brophy, Philosophy & Religion
Tool used: Second Life
Matt Brophy presented on a tool he has used, Second Life, as a “Portal for 21st Century Education.”
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Thomas Dearden, Criminal Justice
Tool/technique used: Mind mapping
Thomas presented on the use of mind maps to help students organize large amounts of information in a graphical interface. He provided information about several different mind mapping tools and a sample assignment using mind maps.
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Jane Bowser, Education
Tools/techniques used: Lego StoryStarter, MyCreate
Jane presented on how two tools, Lego StoryStarter and MyCreate, were used with elementary students as part High Point University’s iPad Partnership with Montlieu Academy of Technology. These tools supported this year’s initiative to integrate literacy into STEM, and students from EDU 4511 worked individually with students to create stories using these tools.
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Matthew Schneider
Matt Schneider, First Year Seminar
Tools/techniques used: Podcasts, just-in-time teaching, Polleverywhere
Matt presented on how he used various tools to familiarize students in his FYS with the history and artistry of the Beatles without taking up valuable class time.
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Benita VanWinkle
Benita VanWinkle, Art
Tool/technique used: Digital photo book covers
Benita shared how her students utilized digital photography and imaging to create new covers for existing books.
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Holly Middleton, English
Tools/techniques: Diigo, Jing, Google Drive, digital 4th hour activities in ENG 1103
Holly represented the ENG 1103 faculty, who have been using a variety of digital applications and platforms this year in support of their digital 4th hour curriculum. Holly presented how instructors are using Diigo to teach reading and research processes, and Google Docs to teach writing processes and focused writing activities.
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Karen Summers
Karen Summers, English
Tool used: Biblioboard
Karen Summers worked with Sam Harlow to create an assigment for her ENG 2220 course, Women’s Literary Traditions. Using HPU Libraries’ subscription to Biblioboard, the students created digital anthologies of public domain materials and original work on topics derived from assigned texts.
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Katy Brandt
Elizabeth Dull & Katy Brandt, Interior Design
Tool/technique used: laser cutter projects
The projects that we presented were for INT 2180 Plane and Pattern and INT 2220 Visual Presentation. Both courses are sophomore level and are required for interior design majors. INT 2180 focuses on the development of solutions to two-dimensional design problems. For several of the assignments, students were asked to begin with 3-dimensional objects (in some cases their own photographs) and develop 2-dimensional designs from shapes taken from the 3-D objects. Designs were developed using Illustrator, then files were specifically configured to be read and cut by a laser printer. Objects were cut using various materials including balsa wood, acrylic sheets, and cardboard. Some projects were complete after the laser cutting process, other projects needed to be further assembled. The scale model was from INT 2220. This course focuses on presentation techniques for interior design projects and combines hand skills with software. The model is the final phase of a larger project involving a series of drawings. Students developed plans in AutoCAD, then configured the files to be cut by the laser printer. Once the models are complete, color will be added to the surfaces.
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Linn, John
John Linn, Interior Design
Tool/technique used: live blog, facilitated conversation
John presented on how he used blogs in Blackboard to encourage student blogging during student presentations, and then used those blogs to facilitate discussion and feedback immediately after.
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Sam Harlow, Smith Library
Tool/technique used: Media & Digital Services
Sam presented on the various ways that she can support faculty through Media & Digital Services, including digitization and digital humanities, media instruction, and media equipment.
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