Digital Pedagogy


Can a faculty member apply for more than one grant through the DPI?

Yes. However, in order to make funds available to all faculty, a faculty member may only apply once before January 1, 2014. If we still have funds, faculty members may apply for subsequent grants after the new year.

Are adjunct faculty invited to participate in DPI activities? Are they eligible for grants?

Yes. We encourage adjunct faculty members to apply for grants and participate in all DPI activities.

What’s the difference between a teaching demo, a working group, and a workshop?

A teaching demo is like show-and-tell, a casual way to share what we’re doing in our classrooms. It requires no major preparation of the leader or prior knowledge of participants.

A workshop demands a lot more from both the leader and the participants. When a faculty member is developing a specific assignment but he or she needs help completing it, we can match them with another faculty member with experience and expertise with the relevant technology. As the workshop leader, the experienced faculty member will get feedback from all interested participants and plan a workshop that meets their needs. A workshop leader may be someone who has led a teaching demo, but the workshop and the teaching demo are not the same event.

A working group is any number of faculty members who are interested in learning the same digital tool but who can reach their goals simply by working with each other on their own schedule. They do not necessarily need the hands-on training of a workshop. If members of a working group decide they need a workshop, however, we can arrange that.

Do I have to participate in a workshop or working group in order to be eligible to apply for a grant through the DPI?

Yes. In addition to supporting innovation in digital pedagogy, the DPI aims to cultivate conversations about teaching and the relationships that foster learning. Faculty members can accomplish this through a working group.

What if I already have experience and expertise with digital pedagogy? Am I eligible for a DPI grant?

You sound like a valuable member of a working group or a potential workshop leader. Tell us about your expertise and teaching experience, and we’ll see if other faculty members are interested in creating assignments using the technologies you teach. Any faculty member who leads a workshop receives a DPI grant.

Does the assignment I submit for a grant have to be used for a course in Spring or Fall 2014?

No. It only has to be created for an HPU course.

How do I submit an assignment for a grant? 

To submit an assignment for a grant, fill out the DPI Participant Form.

How do I submit my information to receive grant funds for leading a workshop? 

To receive a grant for leading a workshop, fill out the Workshop Leader Form.

How long does it take to receive funds once I fill out the form to receive a grant for leading a workshop or submitting an assignment? 

Once we receive your completed form, the check request is submitted to an administrative assistant. Depending on what point in the pay period the request is received, it can take anywhere from 2-6 weeks to receive grant funds. The grant funds will be added to your regular paycheck.

Does the DPI offer other kinds of faculty development?

It depends. The DPI is grant-funded for one year and works by coordinating the talent we have here on campus. We would be happy to do anything that would be helpful in that capacity. But the DPI does not have the staff or funding to function as a Teaching and Learning Center, so we’re pretty limited in what we can do.

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