Digital Pedagogy


The Digital Pedagogy Initiative (DPI) is dedicated to fostering the relationships that support all learning. If you are a faculty member who wants to learn more about teaching students to achieve your learning objectives with a digital tool, we want to connect you with other faculty members who share your interests.

The DPI design was adapted from that of successful teaching and learning centers and, in this spirit, we offer grants of $250 to any HPU faculty member who participates in a workshop, creates or revises an assignment that integrates digital learning, and makes those materials sharable to the HPU faculty. All materials resulting from the DPI will be collected on this website behind a password-protected wall.

Although we would be happy to coordinate the effort, the DPI does not award grants for new forms of delivering course content. This means that endeavors such as creating podcasts, capturing video lectures, or developing online courses are not grant-eligible on their own. The grants are reserved for what the students do–for assignments and activities that build students’ digital literacy, learning, and engagement.

The workshops can take two forms:

Digital Pedagogy Workshops

A faculty expert will plan and lead a two-hour workshop on how to teach students to use a specific digital tool. All participants will gain hands-on experience in using one or more digital technologies, learn how the workshop leader teaches it in his or her own courses, and develop a digital assignment for one of their own courses. The faculty member with defined expertise is the workshop “leader”; all others are “participants.” Workshop leaders can be HPU faculty members or invited guests.

Digital Pedagogy Working Groups

Faculty members interested in learning how to teach students how to use a specific digital tool or technology will collaborate toward this end. Each working group will be organized around a specific digital technology and will collectively define their objectives, share resources, and review each others’ work. All members of a working group are “participants.”

Although we wish we could provide training, the DPI does not have a staff or budget to do so. Instead, we leverage the talent right here on campus by matching faculty members with collaborators who can help them reach their goals.

If you want to see what others are doing, see Faculty Projects

If you have ideas about how we can better support you, let us know by emailing Kathy Shields or Holly Middleton.

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