Disability Support

Academic Accommodations


1. Complete ADA Intake Form – Including Current Impact Statement, to state requested accommodations and provide summary of previous accommodations. This form authorizes the Disability Support Specialist to release disability related information to campus officials as necessary.  ADA Intake Form
2. Provide appropriate documentation. Diagnostic documentation must be relevant to the diagnosed disability and could include:

  • Psychological/Educational Evaluation that might include tests of aptitude, achievement, and information processing (WAIS and Woodcock Johnson)
  • Assessments from clinical or educational psychologists, school psychologists, neuropsychologists, learning disabilities specialists, and medical doctors.

3. Disability Support Accommodations Committee reviews each request to determine approval for appropriate accommodations.

4. Each semester students provide their professors with notification of approved accommodations.

5. Accommodations are implemented in coordination with Disability Support staff & classroom professors.


How to Initiate Approved Academic Accommodations

  • Testing Procedures
  • Peer Notes Procedure
  • Textbooks in Alternate Format Procedure


Testing Procedures

    1. Students approved for testing accommodations are encouraged to be proctored by the professor, but may choose, with the agreement of the faculty member, to be proctored in a testing room by Disability Support. Students are expected to discuss testing accommodations with their faculty in a timely manner. Testing Policy
    2. Students choosing to take their test through Disability Support should schedule tests at least 2 to 5 days prior to the test day.
    3. To schedule tests with Disability Support, students are expected to fill out a permission form, obtain the respective professor’s signature/approval, and send it to Suzanne Meehan ( in Smith Library, Office 424.
    4. Professors will then send their tests to the ADA Testing Center, Smith Library 424, where each test will be disseminated.

*For further assistance with testing accommodations, contact Suzanne Meehan Hawks (336) 841-9218,


Peer Notes Procedures

  1. Prior to requesting peer notes, students must attend at least one week of classes to determine whether or not peer notes are needed.  Numerous professors post notes, study guides, reading, etc on Blackboard or distribute hardcopies.  Discussion based classes may not require note-takers.
  2. Students requesting peer notes are required to complete the on-line note-taking tutorial prior to submitting requests for note-takers.
  3. Please complete the following form in order to request Peer Notes. Your notes will be confidentially posted on Blackboard. Peer Notes

Textbooks in Alternate Format Procedures

  1. Textbook information for each class may be accessed through the bookstore link on the HPU web page.  You may submit a copy of the textbook information or complete the following form when requesting textbooks in alternate format. Please complete all sections on the form. Request for Textbooks on CD
  2. Check with your Disability Support Specialist regarding the best alternative format for your needs.  Both Adobe Reader and Kurzweil are available on Smith Library computers.
  3. You must purchase your textbooks before the CD is released to you in an alternative  file. Many textbooks are now available in alternative format from the bookstore or outside textbook vendors.





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