Disability Support

ADA Intake Form

ADA Intake Form

  • Release of Information & Student Rights and Responsibilities

    I hereby grant permission for Disability Support to release and/or discuss pertinent information concerning my disability with persons having legitimate interest in my educational success at High Point University. I understand those persons could include University officials (Office of Academic Development, academic dean, academic advisor, counselors, etc), my parent/guardian, and/or the faculty member(s) from whom my educational accommodations might be requested. I also understand it is important to sign the “Student Consent for Access to Education Records” [FERPA] form to further support my educational progress and permits information to be shared with my parents. I understand that Disability Support is an advocate, acting on my behalf in matters relating to my disability. I also understand that some accommodations may require advanced notice. I agree to deliver my accommodation letters to my professors at the beginning of each term. I agree to work with my professors and Disability Support in making classroom and exam arrangements in a timely and appropriate manner. If I feel my needs are not being met, I may file a written grievance with the Office of Academic Development.
  • Current Impact

     In order to be able to fully understand the impact of your disability/medical condition, please describe how this disability is currently impacting and substantially limiting your academic work, class schedule, class location, and/or residential living situation. Include previous accommodations received plus accommodations or services that you think you will need on the college level. (Separate typed document or email is acceptable)


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