Evening Degree Program Academically Gifted

Academically Gifted Licensure Program (K-12)

High Point University is pleased to offer the licensure program in Academically Gifted (K-12) on the campus of High Point University. The following courses will be offered through the Evening Degree Program:

EDU 4360 – The Gifted Child
EDU 4420 – Teaching & Learning Strategies for Gifted Education
EDU 4410 – Curriculum Development and Differentiation for the Gifted
EDU 4390 – Trends and Issues in Gifted Education

These offerings will meet the requirements for the license in Academically Gifted (AG) issued by the State Department of Public Instruction. Interested persons may enroll at any point in the sequence by registering through the Evening Degree Program. Teacher licensure in a related area is recommended.

“Completion of this add-on license will allow current classroom teachers to serve a critical population of students in our schools, said Dr. Mariann Tillery, Dean of the School of Education. It is important for teachers to have a balance of instructional methodologies to be able to work effectively with all types of learners. Enrichment and differentiation of instruction has never been more important than it is today, given the range of ability levels represented in most classrooms.”

For more information about the licensure program in AG, please contact Dr. Mariann Tillery, Dean of the School of Education at 336.841.9286; for enrollment information, please contact the Evening Degree Program, 336.841.9020 or visit our website, www.highpoint.edu/edp.