Evening Degree Program Credits Outside the Classroom

Credits Outside the Classroom


High Point University awards credit for Satisfactory results of national test programs including:

  • CLEP general and subject areas
  • DANTES exams
  • AP exams
  • CEEB Achievement Tests
  • United States Armed Forces Institute Exams
  • Armed Forces Services Courses

Permission to take the CLEP must be submitted in writing to the Ann Miller, Associate Registrar, once permission is granted you may register for the exam

CLEP Subject Sheets and registration packets are available at both campus locations.

**Information is subject to change with the new curriculum; MGT 221 will no longer be accepted for credit inside the major**


Credit by Examination

Credit by Examination is offered through 1) exams written and administered by University faculty, and 2) national test programs. A maximum of twenty-five percent of the 124 hours required for graduation may be earned by such exams. A maximum of six semester hours will be credited to the permanent transcript for each semester of full time enrollment at High Point University.

Credits awarded through University-administered examinations is subject to provisions, please see your adviser for more information.


Directed Study

Directed study is defined as the study of a catalog prescribed course content in which the student, usually due to a schedule conflict, is unable to attend a scheduled class. Please see your adviser for additional information.