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Licensure and Lateral Programs

Evening Degree Program


The licensure program is for those students who have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university and are seeking to obtain a license in a specific discipline (listed below). Students enrolled in the licensure program are not yet employed by a school system in an emergency, lateral entry or provisional position.

Licensure students need to apply to the EDP program and then to the School of Education after completing all 2000 level coursework and maintianing at least a 2.75 gpa. Licensure students need only complete the EDU classes needed and any supporting EDU classes but do not have to take Praxis I or EDU 4200.


L.E.A.P. (Lateral Entry Admissions Program)

Lateral entry is for current teachers hired by local school districts in lateral entry teaching positions. If you have been hired by a school district in a lateral entry teaching position with a provisional, lateral entry, or an emergency license, have at least a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university and need to take at least six hours per year until your license is earned, please send a letter of interest and all college/university transcripts to Dr. Mariann Tillery, Dean of the School of Education, High Point University. An adviser from the Education Department will evaluate your transcripts, develop a plan of study, and send a copy of your plan to the Evening Degree Program.

To apply to L.E.A.P., download the form and mail it, along with a copy of your transcript(s) for review, to the School of Education address below.


RALC – Regional Alternative Licensing Center

RALC was established by the North Carolina State Board of Education and is authorized to evaluate and suggest licensure plans of study that will lead to a teacher licensure in North Carolina. Currently employed teachers who hold emergency permits, lateral entry or provisional licenses are eligible as well as prospective teachers that will quality for lateral entry in licensing area served by RALC but are not yet employed.

For more information on RALC visit their website.


Licensure Programs
Specific Disciplines

Elementary Licensure K-6

Middle Grades Licensure 6-9
Language Arts
Social Studies

Secondary Licensure 9-12
Comprehensive Science
Social Studies

Specialty Licensure K-12
Physical Education

Special Education K-12
Learning Disabled
Mentally Disabled
Behaviorally Disabled
Emotionally Disabled


School of Education:
Dr. Mariann Tillery
Dean, School of Education
High Point University
833 Montlieu Avenue
High Point, NC 27262
Email: mtillery@highpoint.edu

The School of Education can design a program of study for you based on your experience, past education, and individual needs. Course work is offered through the Evening Degree Program during the summer day and/or evening sessions. Course work could possibly be completed in one year plus a summer. Join the cadre of individuals who are becoming the teaching professionals in the classrooms of today and tomorrow.


The Evening Degree Program:

For all programs, students must apply to the Evening Degree program in addition to the School of Education. To apply to EDP, submit an online application and offical copies of your transcript(s) for review.

Evening Degree Program
High Point University
833 Montlieu Ave
High Point, NC 27626