Evening Degree Program NCCC Course Equivalencies

North Carolina Community College Course Equivalencies

General Education Course Requirements for High Point University may have a course equivalent that may be taken at or transferred from North Carolina Community Colleges; these equivalencies are based upon the semester system and assume that the course was taken after May, 1997. If you have questions regarding transferring to High Point University, Evening Degree Program, please contact Sarah Bryce, Assistant Registrar, 336.841.9248. For the Day Program, contact Ann Miller, Associate Registrar, at 336.841.9021 or by e-mail at amiller@highpoint.edu.

*Students currently enrolled at High Point University must get approval from the university BEFORE taking a course at another institution. Please see an academic adviser for assistance.

*New transfer students are allowed to transfer up to 62 hours from a community college for an Associate of Applied Science and 66 hours for an Associate of Art or Associate of Science.

* Computer courses should have been taken within the last 4 years for transfer credit; beyond 4 years old courses will transfer as electives only


This link provides a listing of the most common transfer equivalencies from North Carolina Community Colleges, it does not include every course that may be transferred.