Evening Degree Program Placement Exams

EDP Placement Exams

Math Placement
Mathematics placement is mandatory for all university students who are seeking degrees. Students how have not transferred any Math, may take a math placement exam or MTH 1010 (formerly MTH 105) in order to sign up for a math course above MTH 1010 level, after they have been admitted as an EDP student. This test covers basic algebra and based on test results placement may be at the MTH 1010 level or higher. Results will be available 24 – 48 hours after completion of the test.

Those students scoring below the required minimum must satisfactorily complete MTH 1010 before enrolling in any of the above courses. MTH 1010 is a letter-graded course which carries four hours credit toward graduation. MTH 1010 does not satisfy the core requirement in mathematics. The only exception to this placement policy would be for transfer students with some type of transferred mathematics course.

The placement test must be taken on-line. A letter you will receive from the Office of Information Technology will indicate your user name and PIN number; your PIN number is used to access MyStuff, as well as the math placement exam. If you experience any difficulty and/or problems, please e-mail Mr. Roger Shore, Director of Testing. Testing results may be checked on MyStuff, Academic Profile, Test Summary link after 24 – 48 hours.


English & Foreign Language Testing

Students who have not transferred any English or Foreign Language classes (Spanish), may be eligible to take a placement exam. EDP students will only have the option to place out of SPN 1010 and into SPN 1020-not out of all foreign language requirements. All English and Foreign Language placement exams will be available at the following location: