Evening Degree Program Tuition and Fees

Tuition and Fees

Tuition Breakdown 2012-2013                     Fee

Per Hour                                                                             $410

1 Class (4 hours- Part time)                                                  $1640

2 Classes (8 hours- Full time)                                               $3280

Technology Fee                                                                   $74

Total (Classes plus Technology fee for one session)               $3354

The cost for the Evening Degree Program class is $410 per semester hour, $1640 per four-semester-hour course or $3280 for two four-hour courses (full-time). The average full-time Evening Degree Program student is enrolled in 12-14 semester hours per semester. Cost to the student may be substantially reduced by applying for the NCLTG (see below).

The charge for auditing is one-half the charge for the course on a credit basis.

Evening Degree Program (EDP) students enrolling in two sessions, (I & II or III & IV), for fifteen or more hours in one semester will pay full day program tuition for that semester, $13,000.00 plus applicable fees regardless of the division in which the courses are taken. If total enrollment exceeds 17 hours, EDP students will pay full tuition plus the usual overload charges specified for regular day students. Students who enroll in both day and evening courses must take at least 50% of the credit hours in the Evening Degree Program classes in order to be charged the evening tuition rate.

The University technology fee is seventy dollars ($74) per session. This fee will be charged of all students in support of academic computing services at the University. Payment of the fee will be due on the night of Registration for each session. This fee is non-refundable.

Students may pay tuition in installments for a $25 service fee. Installment forms are available at registration and at the EDP office. Installment plans are not available for the May session. Payment dates for each 2012-2013 are listed below.

Session I   August 9-20, September 17, October 8
Session II  October 11-22, November 12,
Session III December 17-January 7, January 28, February 25,
Session IV February 28-March 11, April 1, April 29

Students may pay by check, money order or credit card (Mastercard, Discover or American Express). There is a 2% nonrefundable transaction fee added to all debit or credit card transactions.